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Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions and answers with full rationale

Billing and updating claims information

I have an urgent question As a biller can you legally update information on a claim on the back end. Due to an import error and an error with EMR format claims were missing information for billing. Can the biller update/enter and or correct this data? My belief is the information should be updated by our software analyst by making the necessary formatting corrections and reimporting the data?

Medical Billing and Coding Forum

Medical Claims Should Ensure Strong Representation

You have decided to file a legal case of medical compensation against the medical board who is responsible for your misdiagnosis? Your near one has received the severe health issues for the misdiagnosis of a doctor or a medical board? Well, you are not the only person who has become the victim of these problems. Thousands of people become the victim of these types of similar problems if not the same problem. Someone who has become the victim of medical negligence or misdiagnosis loses all hope of getting recovered. However, losing hope will never help. You should know how to seek justice for the wrongdoing.
It is always better to make a formal application for the claims. If the medical board or the doctor responsible for the case decides to compensate the loss, it is well and good. However, if the doctor or the medical board responsible for the claim does not want to pay you the compensation that you deserve for the case, you can surely opt for filing a legal petition against them. File for the medical compensation claims  and fight for your right.
Many people have filed for legal compensation cases against the medical boards for medical negligence. Most of them have won their claims yet there are some who have not been able to win the case in spite of telling the truth. If you want to win a case of medical negligence compensation, you need to understand that telling the truth is not all. To win the case, you also need to get the case represented properly. All lawyers cannot represent the case in the best manner. Therefore, it is essential for you to find a lawyer, who can assure the perfect representation of the case.
To find a lawyer, who can assure you proper representation of the case, you need to take care of a few factors. One of them is the experience of the lawyer in representing medical injury compensation  cases. Not all lawyers have the expertise of representing these cases. Therefore, you need to find the lawyer, who has complete understanding of these types of cases. Once you have collected information of the reputed lawyers, you need to check out their track record. Always appoint a lawyer, who has brilliant track record in this field.
When you are considering about the lawyer’s expertise and experience, you should not ignore the money factor, which means that fees of the lawyer. Collect the quotes of a few different lawyers and find out who can provide you with the best assistance for the case at a reasonable fee. After considering all these factors, you should appoint a compensation lawyer for the case. Once you have appointed compensation lawyer for the representation of your case, you should follow his advice for winning the claim. You should coordinate with your lawyer in the best possible manner. Proper coordination with the lawyer will ensure strong representation of the case and you will be able to win your compensation.

For more insights and further information about medical compensation claims visit our site

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CMS Reverts Systems Back to Former RA for QMB Claims

On Oct. 2, 2017, Change Request 9911 modified the Medicare Remittance Advice (RA) for Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) claims to identify QMB patients and reflect zero cost-sharing liability. As a result, certain payers secondary to Medicare were unable to process direct-billed claims because patient responsibility deductible and coinsurance amounts on the Medicare Remittance Advice (RA) showed zero […]
AAPC Knowledge Center

Attorneys – Medical Device Claims

Medical devices were designed to protect lives. Every single medical device was designed to help you live a longer and more pleasant life. Occasionally though something goes wrong and you can actually be injured by one of the medical devices that were designed to protect and save your life. Luckily in such cases there are experienced attorneys that know exactly what do to when this has happened to you. There are certain steps that need to be taken when thinking about a medical device claim. A medical device claim can get very complex so following these guidelines will help you get exactly where you need to be to receive help.

One of the first type of claims caused from a medical device is when something was wrong with the device itself. Occasionally medical devices such as syringes, pacemakers, or surgical equipment can be at fault for something that has happened to you. These sorts of devices can cause major damage to your body and your life even though they are made to do just the opposite.

One of the first questions that must be asked when this happens is “Was a medical device at fault for what happened to me?”. If this answer is yes that you have yourself a case. A medical device is meant to save and protect your life not hurt it. What you must do is get in touch with an experience medical device lawyer and they will decide whether or not the medical device is truly at fault. Then they are able to build a case around what they know.

If a medical device has injured you it is extremely important to get in contact with a lawyer. There are extremely complex issues that arise when you are injured or hurt by a medical device. The best way to approach the whole situation is to seek advice from a medical device lawyer that is experienced. These medical device lawyers know exactly how to handle your claim, no matter what it may be.

A medical device is meant to help not hurt. So anytime that a medical device does the opposite of what it is supposed to do it is a good idea to seek the advice of an experienced medical device lawyer. No matter what the case they will know exactly how to help you and whether or not your claim is acceptable. It is important not to wait on this issue though; the more prompt you are the better your case will be.

Medical Device Litigation Raleigh

Raleigh Personal Injury Attorneys

Gives input and advice on medical device litigation.

Valid Claims For Medical Malpractice

Technological advancement in the medical world has brought significant changes in the way medical practitioners diagnose and treat various diseases. The invention of computerized tomography scanner (CT scan) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in the late 20th century enabled doctors to analyze lumps and tissues that abnormally form inside the human body. While, ordinary people do not understand how these machines work; it is the duty of the doctors to understand and interpret results during medical examinations.

Nevertheless, there are instances when doctors fail to give proper diagnosis and treatment to a patients medical condition. For example, studies in the USA found out that about 98,000 patients die each year due to medical errors. Moreover, 47% of doctors recall cases of death resulting from physicians failure to perform correct medical operations. Therefore, a patients life is not dependent on technological advancements, but on the ability of doctors. The failure of doctors to properly address to peoples medical condition is what you call Medical Malpractice.

There are basic requirements before one can claim being a victim of medical malpractice. An ottawa personal injury lawyer says that there must be a doctor-patient relationship that had existed between the person asking for medical assistance and the professional to whom the malpractice is accused. The doctor must have given direct medical treatment to the patient. Pieces of evidence such as prescription letters, receipts, and medical records must be clear and consistent in relation to the claim.

Secondly, a claim is only valid if the medical procedure has been conducted in a negligent manner. According to an ottawa personal injury lawyer, a patient cannot claim to be a victim of medical malpractice solely because of personal satisfaction standards. You must be able to prove that the doctor has not been reasonably skillful and careful in carrying out the medical procedure. Under the same circumstances, another doctor would have not harmed you by putting through the correct way of treating the illness. The doctor must have been negligent in performing the medical operation.

Thirdly, an ottawa personal injury lawyer says that the injury must be caused by the doctors negligence. There are instances when a person with a lung cancer dies in an operation because of the illness itself. You must be able to prove that the death has been caused by the medical errors of the medical professional, not by the patients health problem.

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Words of Wisdom for Pediatric Preventive Care Claims

Knowing which services are included and which are separately reportable ensures appropriate reimbursement. By Cindy Hughes, CPC, CFPC In the first years of life, preventive services play an important role in determining if a child is growing and developing as expected. And for these services, payer rules play an important role in being reimbursed appropriately. […]
AAPC Knowledge Center

Utah Pain Doctor and Medical Practice Settle Medicare Fraud Claims

On July 21st, 2017, Jahan Imani, M.D., and Intermountain Medical Management, P.C., (IMM), a Utah based pain management specialist and his practice, entered into a $ 399,895.92 settlement agreement with OIG. This resolves allegations that IMM, through Dr. Imani, submitted false or fraudulent claims for payment by inappropriately using modifier 59 for multiple units of HCPCS code G0431 when only a single unit may be billed per patient encounter. OIG’s Office of Audit Services collaborated to achieve this settlement.

The post Utah Pain Doctor and Medical Practice Settle Medicare Fraud Claims appeared first on The Coding Network.

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4 Ways Claims Data is Changing Care Delivery

Health Leaders Media

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4 Ways Claims Data is Changing Care Delivery

Rene Letourneau, Senior Editor for HealthLeaders Media

Fragmented clinical data, which tends to cause disjointed care, can be significantly augmented by data in health plan claims. At Parkland Health & Hospital System in Dallas, physicians are using claims data to increase quality and decrease costs. >>>


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Top 10 Health Technology Hazards in Hospitals

The annual list of health technology hazards from the ECRI Institute identifies the potential sources of danger that warrant the greatest attention for hospitals in the coming year. Eight of the top 10 hazards for 2016 are new to the list. >>>

Warily, ACP Eyes New Primary Care Model

Physicians who practice in concierge and direct primary care models have been put on notice by the American College of Physicians, which warns against creating barriers to care, particularly for low-income and minority patients. DPC physicians say the ACP has it all wrong. >>>

TJC Names Top Performers, Notes ‘Dramatic’ Quality Improvements

Despite some differences based on size, academic medical centers, community hospitals, and for-profit and not-for-profit hospitals have all seen quality improvements since 2002, says the head of The Joint Commission. >>>

CFO Exchange: Financial Imperatives for the Future

Healthcare leaders focused on three big-picture topics while meeting with their peers at the HealthLeaders Media CFO Exchange. >>>

ACP: Consider Low-Income Patients With Direct Pay

Physicians opting for cash-only practices must consider the impact that the practice model will have on their communities and low-income patients struggling with to access care, the American College of Physicians said this week. From Medpage Today. >>>

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Executive Compensation—Strategies to Align With New Directions

Recasting organizational objectives to address shifts to value-based care has two major effects on executive compensation within hospitals and health systems. Is your health system prepared? >>>

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Date: December 10, 2015, 1:00–2:00 p.m. ET
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US doctor group calls for ban on drug advertising to consumers

Reuters, November 18, 2015

Nonprofit Blue Shield accused of backing out of $ 140-million charity pledge

Los Angeles Times, November 18, 2015

NJ lawmakers tackle those surprise ‘out of network’ medical bills, November 18, 2015

HealthPartners creating new health plan in IA

Star Tribune, November 18, 2015

Medicare launches major payment shift for hip, knee surgery

ABC News / Associated Press, November 17, 2015

How Kaiser and union leaders finally ended a five-year standoff

Sacramento Business Journal, November 17, 2015

NY hospitals, doctors fear Health Republic meltdown will cost them millions, November 17, 2015

How nonprofit hospitals overcharge the (under and) uninsured

The Washington Post, November 16, 2015

US drug benefit managers clamp down on specialty pharmacies

Reuters, November 16, 2015

Morristown settlement could lead to NJ hospitals shelling out millions, November 16, 2015

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corrected claims resubmission

I have a vendor who submits new claims when the original claim denies. For example….a claim denies for a diagnoses billed with 99213 so the vendor submits a new claim (instead of a corrected claim) for 99213 with a different diagnoses. So basically the insurance company will have two office visits on file with different diagnoses. To me it makes more sense to send a corrected claim so that the incorrect diagnoses comes off of the patients record at the insurance company. What are your opinions on this?

Medical Billing and Coding Forum

Medical Malpractice Claims in Arizona

When you seek out medical advice and treatment, you trust that your doctors and other healthcare professionals are making the right decisions, using the right equipment and acting in the appropriate amount of time for your specific situation.

Unfortunately, physicians, surgeons, EMTs, nurses and other healthcare professionals can be negligent and fail to provide the care you need. Their negligence can cause life-altering personal injuries and even wrongful death. When this happens, you may want to discuss a claim for medical malpractice with an experienced attorney.

Examples of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice can occur at any time during your interaction with a medical professional. Following are some of the most common types of facts underlying medical malpractice:

• Delaying treatment after diagnosing a medical condition.
• Failing to diagnose a medical condition, or misdiagnosing the condition.
Failure to diagnose cancer in a timely manner.
Not providing the right treatment for a medical condition.
Errors made in prescribing and administering medication. In some of theses cases, physicians, nurses and even pharmacists can be held liable for the mistake that caused injury.
Mistakes made before, during or after a surgical procedure.
Mistakes during the administration of anesthesia, including failing to complete a thorough patient condition check for any possible complications from the anesthesia.
Birth injuries from negligence on the part of the attending doctor or nurses, or the hospital, especially in the case of delaying a C-section. Severe birth injuries include Erb’s palsy, cerebral palsy and other types of traumatic brain damage.
Failure to recognize complications during pregnancy and delivery of a child, including large baby syndrome and Rh-incompatibility.
• Inadequate treatment of a severe burn injury.
Failure to provide necessary medical care to a nursing home patient.

Compensation for Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice lawsuits are notorious for being complicated, but the effort that goes into a personal injury lawsuit like this is worth it for patients who have been seriously injured, or who have suffered the loss of a loved one, due to medical negligence.

If you would like more information or would like to discuss the specific details of your medical malpractice case, please consult with experienced Phoenix, Arizona medical malpractice attorney Jerrold Mayro. Mr. Mayro’s office is located at 2415 E. Camelback Road, Suite 700, Phoenix, AZ 85016.

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