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Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions and answers with full rationale

Where To Get Your Medical Supplies From?

When your health is concerned, you cant compromise on quality and you cant afford to go to an average physician for advice or average store to get your medical supplies. Health is better than anything in this world, be it money, gold or even your house. If your health is not good, then nothing will look good, no matter how good or expensive your house or belongings are.

So, when it comes to buying your medical supplies, you have to ensure that you buy from a reputable store that will deliver quality products and wont make you suffer. If you buy from a cheap store just to save a buck or two, then eventually the consequences will be severe.

So, where to buy your medical supplies from? The easiest way to buy is to buy your products online. This way you can stay warm or even cool in your own place and order your products. When you visit the website, you will be able to check out a wide variety of products. You will be able to compare the prices too and choose the ones you will deem appropriate.

Now, the question is that how can you find such websites? Well, all you need to do is to utilize the power of Google. Go to and enter relevant search queries. For example, you may just search for medical supplies and you will notice hundreds of thousands of sites in search results. You can be more specific as well and search for relevant products too, like incontinence supplies, bard catheters, mobility scooters, power scooters, foley catheter, and so on. You can then check out some of the websites and buy from any of the reputable sites.

Now, you might wonder that how you can find a reputable website selling medical supplies. The answer is simple. There are a certain traits that professional and reputable websites have and you need to check them to determine if a business website is reliable or not.

The first thing that you should look for is their phone number. A lot of people who sell as affiliates dont provide their phone number on their website. So, you had better stay far away from them. Look for a website with phone number. If you want to check how professional they are, simply give them a call and see how they treat you. All professional and caring companies treat their existing as well as potential clients with utter respect.

Another thing to look for is their physical address. A lot of affiliates dont mention their address on the website. Again, you want to stay far away from them, because they sell the products of other companies without any guarantee or whatsoever.

So, now you know where you can and how you can buy your medical supplies quickly and easily.

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CPT 81003 inclusvie denieal from Aetna.

Hi all,

Aetna insurance frequently denying CPT 81003 or 81002 charges as inclusive with E&M service (99201-99395).
Initially I tried with modifier “25” to E&M, after that I even tried with an appeal, but no use, it denied as inclusive again.

In this case I need clarification that, is there any payer policy in Aetna website regarding this.
Please help me with your opinions and provide me Aetna policies.

Thanks in Advance for your help.

Thanks & regards.

Medical Billing and Coding Forum

Stay Away From Medical Malpractice Nyc

As you all know that New York is a place which is equipped with various talented doctors and other medical professionals and that is the main reason why a large number of people keep on rushing towards this place to get better treatment. But when you come to know about the cases of medical malpractice NYC then the faith of the patient gets shatters down completely. Doctors usually commit mistake while doing surgery of a patient or they provide wrong medication process because of the wrong diagnosis made of the patient. Delay in surgery and diagnosis may also lead a patient to the stage of death or he may also have to live the life of a handicap person. Medical malpractice NYC is a curse to the whole society so this practice should be abolished worldwide.

There are some methods which should be adopted to achieve this goal as a patient should take second opinion from another doctor after diagnosing by the previous one in order to reduce the probability of occurrence of medical malpractice acts. Secondly you should always look in to it that you are keeping all documentation proofs with you to deteriorate the happening of these ignorant acts quite often. If a doctor assumes that he has committed only a small mistake through treating a patient with a wrong method and it will not cause a big harm to him then it is completely a misconception. Whether a mistake committed is small or big but a victim should take strict action against the irresponsible person so that he does not even dare to think about committing an act of medical malpractice NYC.

A victim should consult a talented lawyer who used to deal with such issues every now and then so that he can easily tackle with the case of medical malpractice NYC. It is not certain that if you are approaching a well qualified doctor then you will not have to face the situation of medical malpractice. It can happen with anybody anywhere irrespective of age, status and position of the patient. A lawyer can handle the case only if he is aware of the entire incident from the initial stage to the last and that is the duty of a victim to discuss all the things clearly in order to avoid the further discrepancies in the case. You can only fight for justice legally if your lawyer is capable enough to extract all the information and required proofs when required.

Not only New York but the entire society is curbed by ill effects of medical malpractice NYC so it is very important for everybody to come forward and make people aware about the consequences of such acts. It is an essence to make doctors realize for the blunder committed by them otherwise they will keep on repeating this every now and then. So it is advisble for all the patients to keep themselves away from such acts and adopt all the measures discussed above.

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Excision of Osteophyte from DIP 26080 vs 26236 vs 26210


I would greatly appreciate another coder’s opinion on how they would code the following op report?

A longitudonal incision was made from the nail fold proximally in the midlateral line after elevating the upper nail fold from the nail plate with a freer elevator. A full thickness skin flap was then elevate off the nail plate and the extensor tendon exposing the mucous cyst. The mucous cyst was excised from the flap and we then approached the distal interphalangeal joint (DIP). An elliptical piece of capsule was excised overlying the DIP joint. The joint was debrided of any osteophytes and loose bodies. We then irrigated the joint, inspected the extensor tendon which was intact and proceeded with closure with a 5-0 nylon suture.

I came up with 26160 and 26080. Because there is a CCI edit between these two codes, I would only code for 26160 since both procedures were done in the same area. However, the provider disagrees with 26080 and feels that 26236 is the correct code.

Based on the op report, I still believe the correct code is 26080 but now I’m doubting myself because I’ve done research and see people suggesting 26236 or 26210 for the osteophyte excision..

Thank you in advance.

Medical Billing and Coding Forum

Learning from the medical conferences

Gone are the days when a single doctor had the cure for everything. With the new studies revealing new findings the information has been segregated into the various fields of expertise, which allow the professionals to learn in detail about the various systems and the organs of our body. This is the reason the health specialists dealing with the working of the various body parts, make use of the medical conferences to educate themselves further in the light of the latest researches and the answers related to the cure and betterment of the ailing humanity. The students who wish to pursue advance studies in a particular field of medicine are the frequent attendees of the various medical conferences. The medical seminars help the students in getting knowledge through the professionals of the industry that helps clarifying their ideas and concepts, while keeping them motivated and inspired throughout. In most of the advance medial seminars, which are field specific, on-hand trainings are also provided to the audience, to improvise their skills used in the various fields of medicine. One example is the phlebotomist seminars, which are attended by both the students and the professionals to hone their skills related to drawing out blood from the humans or the animals without causing them discomfort. The lectures, presentations and the case studies from real life are also an integral part of the medical seminars, where the professionals share their experiences of the related fields and guide the amateurs while boosting their confidence and morale.

In some of the formal medical seminars which are held in the developed nations of the world, like America, Japan etc. the global impact of the treatments are discussed. Furthermore, the threats to life are identified and brainstorming sessions are held in order to help finding cures and solutions to these diseases. The medical seminars also highlight the important reveals related to the various fields and help disseminating this vital information among the concerned authorities so, that it can be employed professionally to be used as a tool for the betterment of the people. The medical conferences are also held in the developing nations, so as to make the people aware of the various country specific problems and design treatment solutions about the same. The country specific medical conferences help a great deal in the awareness of the various issues at a national level. In most of the cases, the significant medical conferences enjoy media coverage not only at the national level but, international level as well. The planners of the event ensure to manage it in a smooth manner and design it keeping intact the sophistication of the affair.


To learn more about the Health Conference and Building conference please visit here


20 Best From Home Top Medical Coding Schools and Programs

Image Source

Training for at-home medical coding jobs can be completed wholly online for the greatest flexibility and career-life balance. Whether you’re a parent, disabled, retired, a military spouse, or simply attracted to working in the comfort of home, medical coding is a hot job. CNBC reported that medical coding has a prescription for fast growth since healthcare facilities have switched to electronic records. The BLS predicts that medical records management will spark 29,000 new positions for a 15 percent hiring increase. Companies like Humana, Maxim Health, and Aviacode need fresh telecommuting talent, so consider these 20 Best From Home Top Medical Coding Schools and Programs.

Our ranking zeros in on top online medical coding programs that fulfill requirements for certification, such as Certified Coding Associate (CCA). That’s because pay climbs for credentials with an average salary of $ 47,796 per year. We used the NCES College Navigator tool to search for coding schools with distance education. Each prospective program had to be regionally accredited, uphold AHIMA standards, feature at least four courses, and include virtual practicum. Preference was given to colleges holding national or regional rankings for prestige. From home coding curricula was also judged for affordability, class size, placement, credit transfer, and academic rigor.

1. Drexel University

Image Source

Located in Philadelphia’s Powelton Village, Drexel University is a private, nonprofit research hub with cooperative education for over 26,300 Dragons. According to the U.S. News, Drexel is the 96th best national university, 65th top value, and 14th most innovative school. The College of Nursing and Health Professions confers an online, six-course Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding.

Tuition Total: $ 14,364

Learn more about From Home Top Medical Coding Schools and Programs at Drexel University here.

2. University of Utah

Image Source

Affiliated with 22 Rhodes Scholars, the University of Utah is a public, space-grant RU/VH institution selectively admitting 31,500 Utes in Salt Lake City and online. The U.S. News named Utah the 111th best university and 73rd best for vets school. There’s a three-part Professional Medical Coding and Billing program delivered online with real-world 3M encoding software.

Tuition Total: $ 3,495

Learn more about From Home Top Medical Coding Schools and Programs at the University of Utah here.

3. Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis

Image Source

Endowed for $ 601 million, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis is a public, co-educational RU/H institution “Fulfilling the Promise” to over 30,100 Jaguars. The U.S. News ranked IUPUI as America’s 197th best university and 106th top public college. Online learners can pursue the 26-credit Medical Coding Certificate through the School of Informatics and Computing for AHIMA credentialing.

Tuition Total: $ 9,233

Learn more about From Home Top Medical Coding Schools and Programs at Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis here.

4. Keiser University

Image Source

Belonging to the NAIA Sun Conference, Keiser University is a private, nonprofit SACS-accredited college serving over 16,300 Seahawks in Fort Lauderdale and beyond. Keiser is the South’s 23rd top school and 11th best value according to the U.S. News. Online students can prepare for the AAPC exam in the two-year Associate of Science in Medical Administrative Billing and Coding.

Tuition Total: $ 37,728

Learn more about From Home Top Medical Coding Schools and Programs at Keiser University here.

5. Albany State University

Image Source

Established in 1874 for freed slaves, Albany State University is a public, TMCF-member institution with over 7,100 Golden Rams studying in southwest Georgia and online. The U.S. News lauded Albany State as the 32nd best historically black school nationwide. The 22-credit Online Certificate in Medical Coding builds expertise in ICD-10 coding systems from home.

Tuition Total: $ 2,860

Learn more about From Home Top Medical Coding Schools and Programs at Albany State University here.

6. Weber State University

Image Source

Attracting 26,600 Wildcats to 250+ academic programs, Weber State University is located in Ogden, Utah, with NWCCU accreditation for public, liberal arts education. The U.S. News crowned Weber the West’s 76th top regional university. The Dumke College of Health Professions confers a 10-course Certificate of Proficiency in Healthcare Coding online for a median salary of $ 34,000.

Tuition Total: $ 5,340

Learn more about From Home Top Medical Coding Schools and Programs at Weber State University here.

7. Florida A&M University

Image Source

Classified as a public, land-grant RU/H doctoral institution, Florida A&M University is endowed for $ 127.18 million to educate over 9,600 Rattlers from Tallahassee and beyond. High school counselors surveyed by the U.S. News placed FAMU 173rd nationally. The School of Allied Health Sciences follows AHIMA standards for an online, nine-course Medical Coding Certificate Program.

Tuition Total: $ 7,965

Learn more about From Home Top Medical Coding Schoools and Programs at Florida A&M University here.

8. Great Falls College Montana State University

Image Source

Founded in 1969 for “Changing Lives, Achieving Dreams,” Great Falls College MSU is a two-year, public teaching institution enrolling over 4,700 students in Montana and online. Great Falls is affiliated with the U.S. News’ 210th best university and 118th top public school. Students can pursue the 63-credit A.A.S. in Medical Billing and Coding Specialist online.

Tuition Total: $ 8,374

Learn more about From Top Home Medical Coding Schools and Programs at Great Falls College Montana State University here.

9. Herzing University

Image Source

Operating 11 campuses and an online division from Milwaukee, Herzing University is a private, nonprofit Higher Learning Commission and a Member of the North Central Association accredited institution with a total enrollment of 330 consisting of 322 undergraduates. The U.S. News applauded Herzing for America’s 142nd best online undergraduate programs. In 12 months, online students can complete the 44-credit Diploma in Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Specialist for CCSA Associate certification. For more information regarding graduation rates, median student debt for students who have completed the program, and other information, to Herzing’s consumer disclosure website.

Tuition Total: $ 12,560

Learn more about From Home Top Medical Coding Schools and Programs at Herzing University here.

10. Peirce College

Image Source

Led by President James J. Mergiotti, Peirce College is a private, nonprofit MSCHE-accredited college based on Philadelphia’s Pine Street to educate over 1,200. Peirce is acclaimed for holding America’s 132nd best online undergraduate degrees by the U.S. News. The Allied Health Division offers a 39-credit, competency-based Certificate in Medical Coding online with a virtual practice workshop.

Tuition Total: $ 17,040

Learn more about From Home Top Medical Coding Schools and Programs at Peirce College here.

11. SUNY Herkimer College

Image Source

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, SUNY Herkimer College is a two-year, public lower-division institution registering over 3,300 Generals in Upstate New York near Utica. Herkimer was picked for the prestigious 2017 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence. Home-based learners could finish the 12-month Online Medical Coding-Transcriptionist Certificate via the Internet Academy for mastering ICD-9-CM, CPT, and HCPCS codes.

Tuition Total: $ 4,490

Learn more about From Home Top Medical Coding Schools and Programs at SUNY Herkimer College here.

12. Great Basin College

Image Source

Governed by the Nevada System of Higher Education, Great Basin College is a public, two-year career-oriented institution with NWCCU accreditation to educate over 3,400 in Elko, Ely, Battle Mountain, and online. Niche placed Great Basin as America’s 116th “Best Online College.” Each Fall, online students begin the two-semester Certificate of Achievement in Professional Medical Coding and Billing.

Tuition Total: $ 3,060

Learn more about From Home Top Medical Coding Schools and Programs at Great Basin College here.

13. The University of Cincinnati Clermont College

Image Source

Sitting on 91.2 wood cares in Batavia, Ohio, UC Clermont College is a regional public, two-year satellite of the University of Cincinnati with over 3,700 Cougars finding “Strength in Unity.” The U.S. News placed UC as America’s 135th best university and 64th top public college. Clermont offers an 11-course Online Certificate in Medical Biller/Coder with open admission.

Tuition Total: $ 7,320

Learn more about From Home Top Medical Coding Schools and Programs at The University of Cincinnati Clermont College here.

14. Kaplan University

Image Source

Training 37,000 non-traditional students, Kaplan University is a primarily online private, for-profit HLC-accredited institution of Graham Holdings Company in Davenport, Iowa, with 14 national campuses. The U.S. News declared Kaplan’s online undergraduate programs as the 156th best nationwide. Students work from home for the 39-credit Online Medical Billing and Coding Certificate or 57-credit Online Medical Office Administration Certificate.

Tuition Total: $ 14,469

Learn more about From Home Top Medical Coding Schools and Programs at Kaplan University here

15. Central Texas College

Image Source

Since opening in 1965 for Bell County citizens, Central Texas College has expanded as a public, two-year SACS-accredited school with over 39,200 Eagles in Killeen and online. In Community College Week. CTC ranked 15th among associate degree producers nationally. AAPC qualifications can be fulfilled with the 39-credit Online Certificate of Completion in Medical Coding & Billing.

Tuition Total: $ 8,775

Learn more about From Home Top Medical Coding Schools and Programs at Central Texas College here.

16. Sullivan University

Image Source

As the SACS’ first accredited private, for-profit school, Sullivan University serves over 6,000 students from in Louisville, Lexington, Fort Knox, and online. Niche recognized Sullivan as America’s 64th “Best Online College” and 157th “Best College Campus.” The College of Health Sciences awards a 47-credit, 12-month Medical Coding Diploma online with courses like information literacy, human anatomy, and CCA review.

Tuition Total: $ 18,565

Learn more about From Home Top Medical Coding Schools and Programs at Sullivan University here.

17. Minnesota State College Southeast

Image Source

Accredited by the HLC-NCA, Minnesota State College Southeast is a public, two-year technical institution headquartered in Winona since 1949 to train over 2,700 professionals. Niche ranked MSC Southeast as America’s 42nd “Best Trade School.” Through D2L Brightspace, online students can attain the 46-credit Medical Coding Specialist Diploma or finish the 57-credit Medical Coding Specialist A.A.S.

Tuition Total: $ 8,644

Learn more about From Home Top Medical Coding Schools and Programs at Minnesota State Colleg Southeast here.

18. Bellevue College

Image Source

With Washington State’s third-largest enrollment at 37,000 Bulldogs, Bellevue College stands on King County’s Eastside as a public, open-access technical institution. PayScale recognized Bellevue for the 25th highest community college ROI with a median mid-career salary of $ 63,400. Online students can undertake the four-month, AHIMA-approved Professional Medical Coding and Billing Program with CareerStep for CPC credentialing.

Tuition Total: $ 2,995

Learn more about From Home Top Medical Coding Schools and Programs at Bellevue College here.

19. Mercy College of Ohio

Image Source

Opened by the Sisters of Mercy in 1917, Mercy College of Ohio is a private, bachelor’s-level health sciences institution with HLC-NCA accreditation to educate over 1,200 future practitioners. College Values Online included Mercy among the “50 Most Affordable Small Catholic Colleges” nationwide. Attend the Virtual Open House to consider the 26-credit Online Medical Coding Certificate Program.

Tuition Total: $ 11,600

Learn more about From Home Top Medical Coding Schools and Programs at Mercy College of Ohio here.

20. National American University

Image Source

Given HLC-NCA accreditation in 1985, National American University is a private, for-profit learning system based in Rapid City, South Dakota, that’s educating over 7,900 students at 33 U.S. locations and online. College Factual ranked NAU in the top 5 percent nationally for ethnic diversity. The College of Health and Sciences confers a 12-month Healthcare Coding Diploma adhered to AHIMA standards.

Tuition Total: $ 13,212

Learn more about From Home Top Medical Coding Schools and Programs at National American University here.

Top Medical Coding Schools