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Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions and answers with full rationale

Contract Billing and Credentialing from Home

Certified Coder and experienced billing and credentialing from home. Current knowledge of navigating current, complicated billing procedures and guidelines. Would love to talk to small, independent practice. If in the Dallas area, would be available to meet regularly in the office.

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Diagnosis Coding and Medical Necessity from Radiology Reports in the ED Facility

I review emergency department charts on the facility side and I often have to review charts from our denials department. I have a case where an MRA of the neck was ordered with a dx of arm numbness and TIA. The nurse is asking if TIA can be added in the Attending’s final impression to support medical necessity for the MRA. The attending reviewed the findings from the radiologist "Diffuse white matter signal abnormalities in the bilateral cerebral cortices, most likely related to chronic microvascular disease. There are no signs of acute ischemia, hemorrhage, or mass." And, the attending documented that the MRA was negative in his progress note and left his final impression of arm numbness.

These are my questions:

1. Can the dx of R93.0, abnormal findings on diagnostic imaging of skull and head, NEC, be reported. Please note: the attending does not address these findings and states the MRA is negative.
2. Can the TIA dx be reported if it is only found on the order? There are no other signs and symptoms in the medical record to support medical necessity for the MRA of the neck.
3. Should I query the provider?

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Healthcare Business Monthly Article from Feb 2018


I need help understanding the article titled "2018 OPPS Payments" on page 38. In particular the paragraph “Packaging Expansion Continues” in the article it states, “Physician offices are not eligible for the payment of a visit if drug administration services are provided.” I take this to mean that Medicare will no longer pay IM administration code 96372 with an E/M code.

The CMS NCCI edits effective Jan 1, 2018 do not reflect this edit. I also have not seen an email from Medicare confirming this packaging of services.

Can anybody clarify or confirm this?

Nancy Jensen, CPC

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How to Code Flu from Prevention to Care

Flu season is here, prompting a great deal of confusion about how to code.  I decided to spend some time on the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website and other resources to try to clarify the murky in this very sick flu season. Caring for the flu is divided into different parts. It includes the […]
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Amerigroup pulled charges from 2014

We had a location error for EKGs charged in 2014. The computer defaulted to "Office" for 93010 but should have been inpatient.

Amerigroup recouped the payments. Is there not a statute of limitations that insurances can do that? It seems unfair that we are subject to timely filing but insurances are given the free hand to look for minor errors and recoup.

Any thoughts?

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multiple specialty physicians from the same group – modifier question

i have 3 physicians who are in the same group, different specialties – ortho, hand surgery & podiatry all performed surgery on a patient during the same anesthesia session, each physician doing a different body part at different times, example: when the hand surgeon finished the ortho came in, and then the podiatrist. what modifier should each surgery be coded with? im thinking 58 but my co-worker is thinking 66.
the op note on each physician reads:
panel 1: drs name & surgery performed
panel 2: drs name & surgery performed
panel 3: drs name & surgery performed

thank you in advance for your input.

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Different Medical Benefits From Green Or Black Tea

Archeological evidence advocates that people 5,000 years ago consumed tea leaves soaked in boiling water. Botanical evidence indicates also that China and India were amongst the original countries who cultivated tea. Nowadays, tea is considered the most commonly consumed drink worldwide, second to water. Millions of people around the universe drink tea, and studies recommend that green tea particularly Camellia sinensis has several health benefits.

Green, black and oolong teas are the 3 principal kinds of tea. The three varieties differ in their method of processing. Tea is created from the leaves which are not fermented and was reported to contain the utmost concentration of potent antioxidant known as polyphenols.

Antioxidants are materials or substances that search free radicals that damage the compounds in the human body that change the cells, tamper DNA, and even cause the deterioration cells. Free radicals arise naturally in the human body, environmental pollutants or toxins which include radiation, cigarette smokes, ultraviolet rays of the sun, and air pollution also help in the increase of these harmful particles.

Several scientists consider that free radicals have a contribution in the aging process and also the growth of several health troubles, including heart diseases and cancer. Antioxidants like polyphenols found in green tea may reduce the effect of free radicals and can reduce or even aid in the prevention o some harm they cause.

Consumption of tea was found to be effective in small scientific study in the treatment of dental caries or tooth decomposition. Additional studies are needed to be done. The tea can also be helpful in inflammatory Medicelles like in arthritis. Research specifies that arthritis can benefit from green tea by reducing the inflammation and slow down cartilage breakdown.

Chemicals present in tea can also be useful in the treatment of genital warts and also avoid the symptoms of influenza and colds. Studies also indicate that consumption of tea is linked with reduced dangers in all causes of death.

Camellia sinensis is the plant where the leaves are derived to produce the green, black and oolong tea. The plants grow as big as a tree or shrubs. Nowadays, Camellia sinensis plants grow throughout Asia and some countries in the Middle East and African countries.

The green and oolong teas are commonly consumed by people in the Asian countries and the black tea is most well-liked in the U.S.A. The tea contains the highest content of polyphenol.

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