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Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions and answers with full rationale

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2016 CPC Practice Exam Answer Key 150 Questions With Full Rationale (HCPCS, ICD-9-CM, ICD-10, CPT Codes) Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions with Full Rationale Answers

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Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions and answers with full rationale

Just a thought “CPC is one factor but!!”

I really enjoy being on this forum and learn a lot.

Many times it is discussed about the worth of CPC certification. Much of discussion circles around passing the exam and getting the job.

I think we miss other important factors while just focusing on CPC passing and the world WOULD be conquered!!

CPC is only gateway to put in resume with essential traits which are overlooked. In result any CPC member does not get the job then start blaming CPC credentials.

In my experience there are hundreds of factors which need to be developed beside CPC certification such as Ms Office expertise as Most of employers want their coder to be good at excel;
Business communication skills as Most of employers want coder to effectively deal with payer and doctors;
Passion to learn as employers read body language to see potential in coderas new or experienced

Last but not least RESUME which tells first before you tell!! And So On

I will continue to motivate on this form as I am of those luckiest CPC-A who achieved goal by getting dream job in just 3 months time as I went though all of these things I just mentioned.

Shortly I will also share my experience of success to just help someone who may get success


Medical Billing and Coding Forum

CPC-A Many years of experience, just certified. Preferably Remote or Cleveland Area

Extremely enthusiastic, hard working individual, ready for immediate employment. Please take a moment to review my resume and cover letter, and I am confident that you will realize that I am the individual that you have been looking for to fill the available position within your organization.

Thank you so very much for your time,

Melody C. Reilly, CPC

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Medical Billing and Coding Forum

just finished taking MACRA course – got an 80% – couldnt tell you how to report MACRA

does anyone actually know HOW to report to Medicare? or where to find out how??????? Ive read every single article I can find, took the entire 7 CEO course and got an 86%. I get the concept and how to figure out which things to report on… but how do I actually get that information to Medicare?!?!?!?!? HELP!

Medical Billing and Coding Forum

Healthcare Outsourcing Services Is Not Just Medical Billing And Medical Coding

A while back, when you heard someone refer to healthcare outsourcing, you knew they were speaking about medical billing outsourcing and coding services. Now however, healthcare outsourcing can refer to a myriad of different fields. Healthcare outsourcing companies have diversified their offerings in order to be able to fit into the sometimes overstretched budgets of healthcare providers creating solutions suited specifically for the healthcare industry.

But while medical coding and billing are not the sole areas of focus in the healthcare outsourcing, it is certainly one that requires the most attention among healthcare providers because of the healthcare reform. On the 4th of October, consulting firm, Navigant (NYSE:NCI), acquired healthcare consulting company, EthosPartners Healthcare Management Group (EthosPartners). EthosPartners specializes in physician and hospital alignment, physician practice operations management and physician revenue cycle management. The company cites the need to prepare for the demands of health reform while delivering high quality care, a need that is certainly echoed by many healthcare providers.

Many medical billing and coding companies are preparing for the influx of business in relation to the reform and some are choosing to diversify and expand their offerings in order to cover numerous areas in the space. One such company is outsourcing company and subsidiary of Xerox (NYSE:XRX), ACS, who announced on the 15th of October that they are acquiring healthcare teleservices company, TMS Health from Palm Beach Capital. The Florida based company provides customer care services to pharmaceutical, biotech, and other healthcare-related industries. According to Connie Harvey, Group President of ACS Healthcare Payer and Insurance, ACS is helping pharmaceutical companies make every customer interaction count in a market that spends up to $ 12 billion per year on marketing to its stakeholders, TMS brings strong communication capabilities to the deal. Together, we will save clients money and help them more effectively reach constituents. TMS is the healthcare teleservices provider of seven of the top ten pharmaceutical companies, and who, only four years before had been acquired by Palm Beach Capital for $ 10.5 million. TMS Health counted companies such as AstraZeneca (NYSE:AZN), Merck (NSE:MERCK), and Novartis (NYSE:NVS) as some of its clients during that acquisition.

Indian company Aditya Birla Minacs on the other hand, is going into similar paths as ACS when they advised on that they are also looking for acquisitions in the healthcare space, as well in the public sector. But while ACS acquisition was for a US based company, Birla Minacs is looking towards Europe for its expansion plans. According to Deepak Patel, Aditya Birla Minacs CEO, At the moment, our priority is to build capabilities in core business process in the healthcare and public sector verticals. If we get a firm with a European base it would be an added advantage.

Meanwhile, in the healthcare information technology (IT) space, CACI International was awarded by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) with a $ 1 billion multi-year indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract on the 19th of October. The contract will focus on providing close to real-time gathering of health information, development of analytic tools, and public health and community collaboration. According to Bill Fairl, CACIs President of US Operations, the contract will allow CACI to, provide credible health information and better protect the health of the public.

It is interesting to see that while outsourcing urges companies to specialize, the outsourcing industry itself, and outsourcing companies as well, are being pushed to diversify their offerings to address the needs of companies. Healthcare is only one industry but certainly, it presents a multitude of opportunities as well.

Audrey B is a Strategic Solutions Group Executive of Infinit Outsourcing, a medical billing outsourcing and medical coding outsourcing provider that puts together a boutique approach to give small to medium and large companies a long-term competitive advantage.

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Just Curious

I work for GI group, one of the doctors saw a patient in an ASC to perform an EGD. Before the EGD was performed the patient started complaining to the GI doctor about a painful cyst on his back. The GI doc looked and decided he would help the patient out and do an incision and drainage of the cyst after the EGD. So the GI doc wants to now bill for the EGD, an E&M code along with the incision and drainage of an abscess CPT 10060. My question can my doctor a GI bill for an incision and drainage of an abscess?:confused:

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Just Released: 2018 ICD-10-PCS Changes

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) has released the code changes for ICD-10-PCS coding system. ICD-10-PCS codes were adopted under HIPAA for hospital inpatient healthcare settings to use for reporting procedures. Their guidelines help healthcare providers and coders accurately identify procedures to be reported on healthcare claims. The 2018 updates will reflect […]
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Don’t Just Look at Your Online Patient Reviews, Find Ways to Get More of Them [Infographic]

10 Heart Stopping Facts About Your Healthcare Practice’s Online Reputation

Doctors and practice managers know that their patients are online and that reviews can affect the business. Afterall, 85% of doctors say that they proactively check online reviews about themselves.

That’s great but, you need to go one step further. The most important thing about online reviews isn’t mitigating the bad ones, it’s solicitation.

Only 10% of patients will actually leave a review for their doctor online so it’s important to develop a plan to encourage them to share their experiences online.

Negative reviews can only hurt you if you’re not counteracting them with an overwhelming number of positive reviews. Potential patients are more likely to trust you when they see both good and bad especially if you make an effort to interact with them.

And that’s the key – don’t just look at your reviews, be personable and find ways to get more of them because the online health of your practice depends on it.

Check out the infographic below for the 10 Heart Stopping Facts About Your Healthcare Practice’s Online Reputation.

10 Heart Stopping Facts About Your Healthcare Practices Online Reputation

— This post Don’t Just Look at Your Online Patient Reviews, Find Ways to Get More of Them [Infographic] was written by Nathan Miloszewski and first appeared on Capture Billing. Capture Billing is a medical billing company helping medical practices get their insurance claims paid faster, easier and with less stress allowing doctors to focus on their patients.

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