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Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions and answers with full rationale

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2016 CPC Practice Exam Answer Key 150 Questions With Full Rationale (HCPCS, ICD-9-CM, ICD-10, CPT Codes) Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions with Full Rationale Answers

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Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions and answers with full rationale

Take Commercial Appeals to a Higher Level

Claim denials cost the medical industry over $ 1 million, annually. How much of that comes from your practice? You spend time interpreting sometimes confusing health plan benefits and coverages and wordy coding guidelines. You go through time-consuming prior authorization processes. And you sign up for a payer’s electronic funds transfer and post claims per their […]
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determining the level of an HPI

Good morning,

I need a second or even a third opinion on this. I am auditing a note, and under the HPI the only documentation is as follows:

Chief complaint – This 65 year old female presents for hypertension.
History of Present Illness – "Hypertension – risk factors include age over 60 and obesity. Additional information: follow up"

What, if any, elements of the HPI would you credit for this documentation?


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Apprehension Level Dictates Medication Dosage And Type

It has always been around in the area of dental care but recently, oral conscious sedation is becoming more popular in some areas. A local area dentist said this has been part of his management for years now. The benefits that comfortable pulling of wisdom teeth, root canal and crowns can never be ignored.

Patients will become quite drowsy and relaxed, or even fall asleep, but enough consciousness will be spared to follow instructions and to respond to stimuli. A patient’s dosage and medication type does not necessarily need to be the other’s drug specification as well. It is customized for each of them depending on their level of fear or anxiousness. A pill may work for some patients but other patients will require a little more.

A responding dentist is confident in saying she has yet to encounter a problem related to oral conscious sedation. Training definitely does a lot with the assurance of safety to use this technique. You only start worrying once you took over 35 pills. As long as you are not pregnant and you are not a nursing mom, you need not worry.

Almost 145 million Americans keep themselves away from the dentists because of terror. A woman recalls her fear of the dentist originated during her high school days. All she remembers was the great pain, yet she has forgotten the particular procedure.

Not all patients you see in the dental clinics, however, are there because of anxiety. A stretched and complex procedure without the pain is the primary purpose of sedation dentistry. There are patients who copes well through the entire session even without the medication.

She said she is not afraid of the dentist. She always make it to her twice a year checkup for routine cleaning, though she admits to having had three sedation occasions for crowns. She was sleeping throughout the procedure but she can still manage to turn her head or open wider as she was told. If there is one inconvenience, it would be the need to have someone to pick them from the dentist’s office and drive them home.

Had you asked this dentist some years ago, you would not have any interesting detail from him pertaining to sedation dentistry. It was his intention to learn and educate others that pushed him to attend a course tackling the said procedure. After returning to his office, three people there volunteered to be his first patients, and he was sold.

Everything a patient goes through in the clinic entails the involvement of the whole team in the procedure. The dental team should be able to manage the clients once they have been sedated. In addition to the pleasant experience promised to the fearful and anxious patients, this process can actually extinguishing the cycle of fear. There are some patients who will need sedation even for simple procedures like cleaning and more so on challenging procedures. Impending dental problems that have long been ignored may be avoided by doing this.

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327 Changes to 2018 HCPCS Level II

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released more than 320 changes in the 2018 HCPCS Level II code set November 6, and many are payment-related. 153 New HCPCS Codes There are 11 new modifiers this year. These include two modifiers meant to better track 340b drug pricing; CMS is moving to cut reimbursements […]
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New Patient/ Flu only but coding a level of service

For this flu season I am seeing new patients who are only coming in to receive a flu shot having to book an office visit with a provider. They are dropping a level of service code (E&M code EG: 99201-99205), the flu vaccine and the flu administration code. The patient has no chief complaint or history of present illness. They are simply in Office to establish care since they are new patients and are in Office to only receive a flu shot. I know we should not code a level of service but need to convince someone who does not understand how to code that this is wrong. They think that bc the provider reviewed the patients past medical history and did a physical exam then we can code for a level of service. My deal is there is no HPI or ROS… yes they have PFSH but bc we are missing the HPI & ROS then we do not hit the elements in History. And for a new patient to receive a level of service we must hit all three elements (History, Exam & MDM) but when I tell them this it goes over their head. How can I convince them they are wrong? Is there a law or compliance or maybe a case of a practice doing this and getting in trouble? As a CPC I do not want to push these through.

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Entry level employment for total newbies? Anyone in the same boat?

I am currently enrolled in the CPC program and will sit for the certification exam in December. So far, I am doing really well, and feel confident in my abilities. I am enjoying it, and know I made the right decision! I am making a career change after spending nearly 20 years in retail. 15 of those were in store management. I chose coding because I see the value in being part of the healthcare field, and it is something that has always interested me. I just never had the the time to devote to it, based on my crazy retail schedules. I have some friends in medical software and nursing, and they all suggested that I look for a front office/receptionist/file clerk position to gain entry into the field. Then, work up to coding once I am certified. I should add that those friends live in different states, so working at their companies would not be possible (as much as they would love to help!). I have applied to probably 30 jobs in my area that fit that description. But, each place has said the same thing: I am unqualified. Mind you, these were all jobs that were basic, administrative positions – like answering phones, working a desk, or data entry. I have pretty much given up on in-house jobs, and have shifted my research to remote coding positions. After reading several comments that mentioned remote coding being good a gateway to the field for CPC-As with no prior experience, I felt a little better. However, I do worry that 15 years of retail experience on my resume will continue to deter potential employers (even with the CPC). Before signing up for the AAPC program, I did look into going to a local college for essentially the same program. The admissions rep mentioned that my chances for future employment would be good. She said employers looking for entry level hires would take into consideration my heavy customer service background, extensive work with technology, and history of working at jobs where I had to be organized and manage sensitive information. It made sense, but she was also selling me a very expensive program. As I get closer to my exam date, I am growing increasingly more discouraged about the job prospects – or lack thereof – that might await me. Has anyone had this issue in the past, or currently dealing with it now? I’ve spoken to several people who became coders after working other healthcare jobs, but could really use advice from those who have jumped in brand new, from unrelated backgrounds like me. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Strategic and detailed healthcare administrator with demonstrated ability to analyze and leverage information for significant business results. Articulate and persuasive communicator who is able to interact with a variety of individuals. Proven ability to maintain detailed oriented while multitasking and while also demonstrating great professionalism.
• Servant
• Intuitive
• Analytical
• Independent
• Passionate
• Finisher

Allina Health John Nasseff Neuroscience Specialty Clinic
2015 – Present
Provider Coordinator- Coordinate and facilitate clinical, patient and provider needs.
• Physician scheduling- template and create on both Outlook and Epic. Manage and create paging system through Amion. Provider reimbursements, provider credentialing- Develop relationships with our telehealth facilities, complete stages of credentialing process.
• Payroll duties- Daily timecard assignments, also develop and manage shift tracking for quarterly totals.
• Patient billing and registration and scheduling- assign billing codes from clinic visits, obtain correct patient information, Patient imaging scheduling and prior authorizations, medical record duties.
• Miscellaneous tasks- Includes any provider needs both small and large, paging issues, hospital issues, order issues, calendar issues, payroll issues, security issues, contract issues, parking issues, etc..

Allina Health United Hospital
2014 – 2015
Health Unit Coordinator- Help coordinate and facilitate flow of inpatient unit while working closely with nursing and managerial staff.
• Help coordinate and facilitate admissions and discharges of patients on unit. Inventory, ordering materials for both patient and staff use.
• Manage and filter phone calls on unit. Customer Service, unit greeter, help direct visitors. Help facilitate and create smooth transition when sending a patient to an outpatient facility. Fax orders, records, call and arrange proper transportation, etc… Daily chart maintenance and prep
• Help charge nurse with flow of unit
• Miscellaneous daily tasks to help nurses maintain workflow and safety of unit.

European Wax Center
2012 – 2014
Assistant Manager- Helped to manage salon staff, complete daily tasks, and increase performance.
• Completed six week management development program. Implemented different processes to improve revenue by developing and achieving both individual and team goals within. Maintain own sales goals.
• Created templates, scheduled, and completed payroll for all staff.
• Attended career fairs, and promotional events.
• Dealt with any customer complaints, comments, and issues in a positive, attentive, and professional manner. Accounts management and handled returns and exchanges.

A Touch of Magic
2016 – 2017
Balloon Twister- Create, develop, and maintain relationships with a friendly, fun, and professional demeanor.
• Create balloon animals for children and adults. This opportunity has helped me to develop wonderful people skills and great patience all while learning a life-long skill.


CPC- A- Granted through passing of AAPC exam
Successful completion of medical coding course through Medical Coding Academy
Practi-Code- Successful completion of an online Medical Coding Internship through AAPC
HUC- Health Unit Coordinator Certified: granted through passing of course and exam through Century College, Maplewood, MN

High School Graduate- Chisago, MN

CPT coding courses, HCPCS, Analytical and Critical Thinking, ICD-10 CM, ICD-9 CM, , Medical Billing and Coding, Customer Service, Multi-Line Phone System, Problem Solving, 10-key, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Power Chart, Medical Terminology, Collections, AAPC completion of Praticode

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State Level Medical Entrance Exam

“In India number of Medical entrance exam held every year for admission to various medical programs. Some exams are at national level while some are at state level. Here you will be informed about all state level medical entrance exam and their educational programs and paper pattern. Some Medical institutes are accept the score of state entrance exam only. Therefore the candidate should well-known about the admission procedure of each college before apply for admission.
Medical Entrance exam in Andhra Pradesh is held through EAMCET state level engineering, agriculture and Medical common Entrance test. The programs offered are MBBS/BDS/B pharmacy and BUMS. The colleges are affiliated to NTR University of health science situated at Vijyawada. Medical Entrance exam in Assam is conducted by state level admission test. MBBS and BDS programs are offered with 5 and 5 years of duration respectively. The exam is of objective type.
Medical Entrance exam in Chandigarh is conducted by Punjab University Chandigarh. The exam will be held in the mid of May every year. Medical Entrance exam in Delhi is conducted by Delhi University Medical- Dental entrance test (DUMCET). The exam will be held in May. Medical Entrance exam in Himachal Pradesh is conducted by common entrance test by Himachal Pradesh University. The programs offered are MBBS/BDS/BAMS. The nature of Entrance test is objective and exam will be held in May/ June.
Medical Entrance exam in Haryana is made through common entrance test. The entrance exam consists of three papers in physics, chemistry and biology. The date of the exam is first week of June. Medical Entrance exam in Jammu and Kashmir is conducted by common entrance test for admission to MBBS and BDS. The exam will be held in July. Medical Entrance exam in Jharkhand is conducted by Jharkhand combined Entrance Competitive exam abbreviated as JECC. The medical program offered is MBBS.
Medical Entrance exam in Karnataka is made through common entrance test/ aptitude test in Karnataka. The courses offered are MBBS/BDS/BMS/BUMS and yoga. The exam will be held during May every year. Medical Entrance exam in Kerala is conducted by government of Kerala by a common entrance examination. The exam is for admission to government seats in Medical courses in Kerala. The exam will be held in April and notification about the exam will be published in the month of January. Medical Entrance exam in Madhya Pradesh is conducted by professional examination board Madhya Pradesh. The courses offered are MBBS/BDS/B pharmacy/ BSC nursing. The exam will be held in the month of May every year.

you can get more information about entrance exams like executive mba in india. Additionally get complete details about the portal having Latest updates and notification about different upcoming bank exams in the upcoming years with Information about bank exams .