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Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions and answers with full rationale

Why Your Medical Office Should Use a Virtual Medical Receptionist

As much as you don’t like to admit it, there are some things that are best left to machine and computer to do. If it means that the work can be done more effectively and efficiently, as well as being error-free, then you should not object to such a thing. Not to say that all jobs should be given to robots and the likes. But in the case of a medical receptionist, it may be better to have a back-up in the form of a virtual medical receptionist to support your medical office — especially during those really hectic days.

Here’s the thing. You may feel like you have hired the best medical receptionist ever. However, there is one weakness that you have not taken into consideration. Your medical receptionist is still only human! Though the person may be good at multi-tasking, there’s only so much that one person can do at the same time. Sure, the person may do a great job when your medical practice isn’t packed yet, but when things get so hectic, it will surely affect the quality of the work and service that the medical receptionist provide to patients and potential patients. It’s only natural for human beings to feel tired and testy when things get so hectic after all.

Here’s what you should always remember: you are in the service industry. Your front line is especially important as it determines the first impression that patients will get about your medical office. One small mistake, such as answering the phone grumpily or not picking up the phone at all, could seriously cost your business. Before you know it, you are already losing a potential patient and thus decreasing your bottom line.

These potential problems can be avoided when you get a virtual medical receptionist. Using a virtual medical receptionist, you can be sure that no phone calls will left unanswered. That’s right, the system supports taking multiple phone calls at the same time. One of the things that patients hated the most about calling a medical practice is when they are put on hold for what seem like an infinite amount of time. With the virtual medical receptionist, however, it will be a thing of the past.

Unlike a human medical receptionist that may be affected by personal matters when answering phone calls, a virtual medical receptionist will always greet patients in a warm and friendly tone. It can also speak in many languages, which is another plus point.

A virtual medical receptionist can also turn your medical practice into one that runs 24/7. This will definitely put you ahead of your competitors. One of the best things about the virtual receptionist is that they can run without any supervision at all. With a virtual medical receptionist in place, your patients can make appointments at anytime of the day and night.

Instead of hiring more staff, getting a virtual medical receptionist to help lighten the work load in your medical office is definitely a more efficient and effective solution.

If you want to learn how a virtual medical receptionist can benefit your medical practice, visit the website of AngelSpeech Inc now. AngelSpeech offers free trials for its medical answering services such as an online appointment scheduler and more.

Billing for Provider Services outside of Office

I need some guidance to find any specific information in regards to billing for Physician services outside of the normal clinic office setting. We had an unexpected flooding in our building and we had to relocate our Physician to another building. Patients are Medicare. What code would we use to submit to billing since the services being provided are outside of our normal clinic setting? Any guidance is highly appreciated. Thank you.

Medical Billing and Coding Forum

Seeking compliance individual to assist office

We are looking to outsource a compliance person to help get our office in order. We need someone to come in and evaluate our practice for possible compliance issues and steer us in the correct direction. Does anyone have any suggestions of someone that might be considered for this? We are in Alabama so would certainly love to find someone close to our area.

Thank you in advance!!

Medical Billing and Coding Forum

Experience coder looking for position as remote or in office coder

Are you in search of a medical office biller/coder, educator, MRA/HCC coder, with over 20 year’s experience in medical coding/insurance and billing, I believe that I am the type of person you are seeking.
As a former biller/coder, I know how to communicate with others and have demonstrated my leadership in the work place being able to work one on one with providers and staff in educating with the best practices of documentation and coding. I know my skills can make a difference to the your team.
I have recently been informed that the company that I am currently employed with is in the process of downsizing as of the first of 2018 and all positions with this company in the Knoxville area will be terminated. I am looking for my forever job with no plans on leaving once hired.

For a more complete resume and references, please feel free to contact me. format of the forum would not allow me to attach regular resume.

Attached Files

Medical Billing and Coding Forum

Billing for oxygen at an Oncology office

Hello all, this is my fist time using this forum… I work for an oncology practice and we administer chemotherapy in the office. We have a patient that brings her portable oxygen tank but sometimes she is here for hours and needs to be hooked up to our oxygen because her portable tank does not last enough. Can we bill for the oxygen she uses while she is at the office? Please advise… Thank you.

Medical Billing and Coding Forum

MCP and office visits for dialysis patients

I know I have asked this question before but I am still not positive about it. If one of our providers sees a patient in the office (our practice also sees dialysis patients and charges for MCP visits) can this provider (billing everything under the same tax ID number as the MCP charges are billed) charge for the office visit if it is any way related to an access evaluation. We have providers that are doing this and charging the office visit. I am saying this is included in MCP charges because it is related to dialysis. My understanding if it is in any way related to dialysis that it cannot be charged. I have printed the list from CMS that shows what is included in MCP but cannot make it clear to providers that even though they are accessing for infection or non-functioning dialysis access that this is part of MCP. Am I correct in saying this?

Medical Billing and Coding Forum

Question on Nurse Practitioner and office procedures

My physician is wanting to have our NP start doing cystoscopies and vasectomies in the office. I have no idea if this is allowed in our state (Illinois) so the NP is looking into that. I’ve been asked to find out if the insurances will reimburse an NP for these codes. I have already checked with Blue Cross Blue Shield and was told they will not. I need to find out if Medicare will, but I’m not coming up with anything. I need something in writing to show my physician. Any ideas where to start with this?

Medical Billing and Coding Forum

Radiology Recovery Room Billing – Office Setting

Can anyone tell me if a Radiologist can bill recovery room time for a liver biopsy done in the office and billed as an office visit. The reimbursement is low for the procedure so we want to find out what can be billed in addition to CPT 47000 since the patient will require 3-4 hours recovery time.

thank you!

Medical Billing and Coding Forum