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Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions and answers with full rationale

When To Seek Medical Care For Back Pain

Back pain is a very common disorder that is rarely due to an illness. Plain “back pain” is usually such back pain is called going over after a while. The problem is that the actual cause or part of the cause of the problem often remains even if the pain will pass. This makes the problem often recurs or later create other problems. That is why it is important to conduct the study and treatment by a chiropractor or physical therapist.

Back pain – where do you turn?

It is not easy to know where to turn when you have back pain but I’ll give a few simple tips and explain why.

Simplified you can lumbago due to two different causes:

First disturbance in the function or so-called deadlock.

This patient is in pain or is just stiff, but is usually not so distorted in kropppen and can go pretty straight. Visit the chiropractor … If you start not to do better in three treatments, it is very likely that a disk is the cause. Visit the MST-physiotherapist.
2nd Disk Curl (and herniated disc).

This patient is often leaning forward or is clearly distorted in the back (as pictured below). Often summer you sit down. Visit the MST-physiotherapist. Disk Curl treated more effectively with MDT than manipulation. Have you desutom radiations or numbness down the legs can defeat makes it worse.

Consideration of a chiropractor when back pain

It is important to try to continue with normal activities and move around so much you can handle when you have a sore back. Sleep does not cure back pain. On the contrary, it can make symptoms worse.

It is a chiropractor does is that he recreates the normal function of the body so that the interaction between nerves, muscles, bones and ligaments work again. If you have back pain so has this interaction been suspended?

The treatment of a chiropractor should take at least 30 minutes to be able to conduct a thorough examination and treatment. Here at Chiropractic Gothenburg, you get 30 minute examination and treatment.

Back pain and work

There are many studies around work and back pain. The results are however not completely clear. It has clearly been shown to affect the risk of back disorders in the workplace is about being comfortable in their work. There is also a link between back pains and to work on shaking and vibrating surface for a long time. If, in his work often has bent and twisted postures for lifting and if you frequently lift heavy, so does the risk of back disorders.

Back pain is common in all ages, even among people who do not have heavy or back strain at work and unemployed. It’s probably better to have a job which means that the back has a certain load than a job that is sedentary. For anyone who may be back pain, only a few percent of the time that the cause is the stress at work. Even if you have a fairly heavy work, it follows that you get good speed on it as soon as practicable return to work. Nor is it dangerous to use pain medication to start working again.

It is important that you enjoy your work

Job satisfaction is very important. If you are not happy or feel dissatisfied with what you do, increases the risk of developing symptoms of back pain. Poor social support and stress in the workplace can also contribute to increased symptoms if you have a sore back.

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Trauma pain epidurals with medicare

We have some anesthesiologists that due pain blocks/epidurals for acute pain due to trauma. These patients are not having surgery, so post op pain is out the door. When Medicare updated their LCD with the new epidural codes they did not include an "acute pain due to trauma code" that was previously listed. They updated 10/1/17 to include this but any epidurals done for trauma pain over the last year and being denied for medical necessity. Has anyone else encountered this issue? If so, were you able to appeal and get reprocessed? Thank you!

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Utah Pain Doctor and Medical Practice Settle Medicare Fraud Claims

On July 21st, 2017, Jahan Imani, M.D., and Intermountain Medical Management, P.C., (IMM), a Utah based pain management specialist and his practice, entered into a $ 399,895.92 settlement agreement with OIG. This resolves allegations that IMM, through Dr. Imani, submitted false or fraudulent claims for payment by inappropriately using modifier 59 for multiple units of HCPCS code G0431 when only a single unit may be billed per patient encounter. OIG’s Office of Audit Services collaborated to achieve this settlement.

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Neck Pain – When To Get Prompt Medical Treatment

Neck pain is common, affecting approximately sixty five million men and women yearly throughout the United States alone. The causes or causes of neck discomfort can be difficult to determine, but are usually due largely to lifestyle. Tension, sitting or standing in one position for a long time, lousy eating habits, poor sleep habits and incorrect posture are the most common reasons.

The correct neck pain treatment, when offered in a reasonable way, can be effective for curing neck pain as well as eliminating future problems. Neck pain relief exercises, chiropractic treatment, laser or ultrasound therapy, acupuncture and also naturopathic products are only a few popular procedures that many men and women find useful.

However, some types of neck discomfort should be reason for alarm and could require prompt medical assistance and further treatment. The issue is that it may be hard to discern “day-to-day” neck discomfort attacks from the ones that signal a real medical emergency.

Two major problems might be indicated whenever neck discomfort occurs: meningitis and spinal trauma. Both of these conditions can lead to long-term impairment and even death if overlooked or not dealt with quickly enough.

Meningitis: This happens when the meninges (the protective membranes which cover the brain and spinal-cord) become infected and inflamed. This condition may result in death and so should be identified and taken care of as soon as possible.

Meningitis has got a number of warning signs, one of these could be neck pain. Generally, the pain is severe and unexpected. Nevertheless, its onset is often slow, and therefore it is mistaken for stress or some other problem.

In the event you experience neck discomfort along with one or more of the following other indicators, you need to see a doctor promptly:

* Pain in the back/spinal cord.

* Lightheadedness, nausea, throwing up or weariness.

* Headache.

* Rash.

* Tightness in the neck (not able to move the neck frontward as you normally can).

* Sensitivity to light.

* Unexpected onset of neck or back discomfort not caused by trauma.

Many cases of meningitis can be successfully dealt with if detected quickly.

Injury: Neck pain that’s the consequence of injury to the head, neck or back needs to be handled immediately. You need to remember that head injury (a whack to the head) does not always lead to instantaneous neck pain. The fact is, there have already been cases of head trauma in which neck pain develops hours and also days following the original trauma.

In the event you develop neck ache which seems to come from nowhere, think back over the past few days. In the event you received a blow to the head, you should go to the medical doctor about your neck discomfort. Furthermore, watch out for symptoms such as:

* A fever.

* Vertigo.

* Blurred vision.

* Trouble hearing or ringing in the ears.

* Abnormal taste sensation or lack of ability to taste.

* Clicking noise or feeling in the cervical spine (neck) area.

* Throwing up.

* Loss of muscle control.

* Bafflement.

* Sleepiness or difficulty waking up.

The more quickly you have your neck discomfort identified, the greater your chances will be to make a complete recovery.

Find answers for your Neck Pain and finally get Neck Pain Relief. Many Neck Pain Treatment techniques.

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Relief From Arthritic Pain: Medical Gloves

Arthritis is a problem which affects almost all elderly people and may affect young people too. This ailment creeps in slowly and the sufferer is almost crippled by the impact. Arthritis can prevent you from doing even the basic daily tasks and leave you drained of your energy. This also has a major effect on their daily lives and might hamper their lifestyle. One effective solution that most doctors would suggest is medical gloves.

Hand arthritis affects the wrist and the fingers of the hand. This cripples the entire hand and the patient is unable to do even the primary tasks like picking up an object or holding hands. Under such circumstances, arthritis gloves come in very handy. These gloves are compression gloves that produce pressure on the wrist area and fingers that help in relieving the pain and provide comfort to the patient.

How the gloves work

These arthritis gloves are compression gloves that work by applying moderate to high pressure on the affected area and thus facilitate blood circulation. They provide relief in all conditions like osteoarthritis as well as rheumatoid arthritis. They increase the blood circulation that helps in supplying sufficient oxygen which rejuvenates the veins, blood vessels, blood capillaries, and nerves. This reduces the rigidness that has crept over the hand and also loosens up the finger joints. Due to better blood circulation, it has a good effect on the skin and nails as well.

About the gloves

The gloves are available in two forms; one is the standard slip in glove while the other is a wrap around glove. These gloves are manufactured in such a way that they can fit into both the left as well as the right hand. Designed my medical experts, these gloves have flattened seams so that it is gentle on the hands and does not hurt newly formed skin. They are made from nylon hypoallergenic material which is soft and lightweight. This also allows easy breathability and yet offers a snug fit to provide ease of use. You can easily wash them at home with lukewarm water and they will remain in perfect condition and last really long.

If you are suffering from arthritis problems over a long period of time, it is recommended that you consult your doctor and opt for this affordable yet effective solution. Choose a reputed online storethat sells compression medical gloves and order your pair today.


For more questions and answers about medical compression stocking, check out , the ultimate resource online for stockings and stocking aids


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The Joint Commission pain management dead-line is approaching fast

Start delegating work now to get your facility ready by January
The Joint Commission finally has prepublished its new and revised pain management standards. They’ll go into effect on January 1, and there is a lot of work to do between now and then. – Briefings on Accreditation and Quality

chest pain 99284 vs 99285

Hello all,

Having trouble with 99284 vs 99285 decisions for discharged ED patients who present with chest pain. They’ve had a full workup (labs including troponin, CXR, EKG may be independently reviewed) and are sometimes treated with pain meds. It is difficult to tell if the CP is ‘compatible with symptoms of cardiac ischemia and/or pulmonary embolus’. The discharge diagnosis is generally chest pain. I am not sure if these patients are MDM moderate or high risk. What should I be looking for to support a level 5?

In the cases I am coding the patients are not admitted to IP or observation. I appreciate your thoughts. Thank you

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Intrathecal Pain Pump Billing

I need help, we are currently struggling to receive reimbursements from commercial payers and medicare.

1. Our commercial payers are denying our claims due to "exceeding max units allowed", but when converted to the appropriate units our units are accurate.

2. When commercial is primary and medicare is secondary, do you bill to commercial medicare’s j7999 or do you bill the commercial jcodes for compound meds?

3. Which is the appropriate code for medicare to use when refilling Intrathecal Pain Pumps j7799 or j7999? I cannot find a clear answer.

Thank you to anyone who can help :D!


Medical Billing and Coding Forum

Pain Management


I am working with a pain management doctor who goes over to a chronic pain recovery center once a week to see the program patients. The chronic pain recovery center bills 97799 for the 8 hours the patients are there in the program. Can the pain management doctor (whose name is not on the claims) bill for any of his services that day? He sees the patients and assesses them, and writes a report concerning the management of their pain, much like he would at his own office. I know he can not bill for an office visit like 99213 that day due to the 8 hour program billing of 97799 but can we bill consultation codes for his services?

Any help would be appreciated, I am fairly new at billing pain management.

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