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Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions and answers with full rationale

Attain Effective Weight Loss under Medical Supervision

Medical supervision is very essential for people desirous of effective weight loss. There are lots of people who are suffering from some or the other side effects of being overweight, but they attain effective weight loss under medical supervision. This way, they can have a perfect shape as well.

People first of all, need to understand what is meant by being overweight. There is a medically set range of weight in ratio to the height and age of the individual. This always has to in proportion. Once the weight is to height ratio becomes disproportionate, the person is said to be obese. It is better that people should keep checking their weight: Height ratio, lest they become out of proportion. A medical practitioner knows well as to when be the right time for the person to start the diet to lose weight.

People usually start the diet when they feel that they are becoming out of shape, but by then, already a good health is lost. They feel losing pounds of extra fat will be enough for weight reduction diet, but to slim down is not so important. In fact, what is even more important is losing body fat and maintaining body weight at a constant one. This can be achieved through medical weight loss program easily as being under a supervised weight loss program, people can come to know better about how to keep themselves healthier and lose weight at the same time, but without losing the energy and stamina.

People also have this misconception that if their friend is losing weight under a particular weight loss program, he will equally be benefitted. This is not true. Every individual has a particular body mass index and base metabolic rate. These are the basic factors which decide the type of program to be adopted for every individual. Moreover, the choice of equipments for exercises could also vary greatly from one individual to another. Acute weight loss over a very short period of time is once again a sign of danger, but if are under a supervised weight loss or medical weight loss program, you need not to worry, as the doctors will take care of this fact.

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Working as a Medical Practitioner Down Under

There is a great demand for medical professionals around the world. So as a doctor, you might think as to why you should look for employment opportunities Down Under. The answer to this lies in the fact that Australia has one of the premier healthcare systems in the world. There is proper balance between public and private healthcare systems. The medical sector in the country has managed to achieve what some of the leading countries in the world have not yet managed. The country has a comprehensive healthcare system that strives to provide all with excellent health care benefits.


When it comes to placements for medical jobs in different locations, the choices are abundant. Medical practitioners can be placed in private clinics, at private hospitals and even in medical colleges. There is also much scope for foreign doctors and there is no such restriction placed on their practice.


The health system in the country has a lot on offer for medical practitioners. There are several overseas trained doctors who come to the country for embarking on a successful medical career. Overseas trained doctors are usually placed in areas where there is a genuine shortage of a trained workforce. The term for which they are placed in the rural belts (these are the locations that generally fall short of doctors) vary in case of overseas doctors and citizens of the country.


The healthcare system in the country can be truly classified as world class.  Equally competent is the medical research and development and education industry that places a good deal of trust on international experience. If you are an overseas doctor looking forward to find appointment at a medical establishment in Australia, then you should first carefully make a note of the criteria that you need to fulfil in order to be eligible for appointment. These include:


The English language proficiency requirements that need to be met as set by the Australian Medical Council or the AMC
Making an application for a visa and pass that calls for medical and background checks
Specialists should make their application through Specialist Medical College
General practitioners must clear the AMC examination
Application should be made to the Medical Board of Australia for registration
Acquire medical indemnity in the country


These are the requirements that need to be met when it comes to applying for doctor jobs in Australia.

The medical registration process depends on the qualifications and circumstances of the one who is seeking appointment. It is determined by the fact whether the applicant is a specialist, a hospital non-specialist or a general practitioner. Eligible doctors can be given a conditional medical registration or a full medical registration.


Overseas doctors may not find themselves appointed as soon as they place their application. It is necessary to find a locum agency that can find an appropriate vacancy for them. All you need to do is fulfil the criteria and then wait for them to call you up whenever there is a suitable vacancy.



Daniel Smith is a recruitment consultant and has actively worked with locums that specialise in doctor jobs. He has in-depth industry knowledge which is apparent through his publications that focus on medical doctor jobs. He recommends a visit to the website for further information.

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Billing a Non-Credentialed Provider under a Credentialed Provider’s NPI–HELP

I am currently in the end stages of the interview process to become the lead medical biller at a smaller private practice. I have a friend who works there who mentioned last night I would need to be comfortable billing non-credentialed providers under the credentialed providers. She stated the credentialed providers will step into the office visit for a moment and that makes it legal to bill as listed above. I am HIGHLY unsure of the legality of this and do not want to start my career as a medical biller performing unethical practices that might be considered fraud. I understand each payer is different and it could depend on the individual contract. Can someone help make this more clear for me.

Thanks in advance!

Medical Billing and Coding Forum

Under Michigan’s New Medicare RAC Regime, Physician Services Are the Initial Primary Target

An announcement came back in back in October 2016 from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). It announced that it had awarded to various entities the next round of contracts to serve as Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs) for their Medicare program. In totality, five separate RAC contractors were awarded. Each one was connected with one of the five designated “RAC Regions.”

Read the full story here!

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Patient-Administered Injection of Clinic-Provided medication under direction of LPN

I reviewed a chart note in which the nurse documented that the patient administered his own IM injection under the direction of the LPN (who directed the patient on good aseptic technique, safety rules, and understanding the principles of giving intramuscular injections in the patient’s thigh.)

Since the medication was provided by the clinic but the patient administered the IM injection under the direction of the LPN, what codes can be submitted?:confused:

Medical Billing and Coding Forum

Holding of 2016 date-of-service claims for services paid under the 2016 Medicare physician fee schedule

On October 30, 2015, the calendar year (CY) 2016 Medicare physician fee schedule (MPFS) final rule was published in the Federal Register. In order to implement corrections to technical errors discovered after publication of the MPFS rule and process claims correctly, Medicare administrative contractors will hold claims containing 2016 services paid under the MPFS for up to 14 calendar days (i.e., Friday January 1, 2016, through Thursday January 14, 2016). The hold should have minimal impact on provider cash flow as, under current law, clean electronic claims are not paid sooner than 14 calendar days (29 days for paper claims) after the date of receipt.

MPFS claims for services rendered on or before Thursday December 31, 2015, are unaffected by the 2016 claims hold and will be processed and paid under normal procedures and time frames.


Coding Ahead

Provides Under Same Tax ID/Different Location Not Credentialed

All providers are under the same tax ID number. One doctor sees patients at another location, this doctor is the only provider credentialed at that location with BCBS.

The example:
Doctor #1 sees patients at location A and B. Doctor #2 only sees patients at location B. Doctor #1 was out sick so Doctor #2 covered for Doctor #1 at location A. Doctor #2 is not credentialed at location A. Therefore, claims billed for the patients he saw on that day (BCBS) are denying.

Is there a way to bill this? Or is doctor #2 out of luck?

Medical Billing and Coding