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Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions and answers with full rationale

Cardiac Cath – Rev code 480 and 481

Is it appropriate to bill Cardiac Catheterization Lab CPT Codes with a revenue code 480? Or, are these CPT codes only supposed to be billed with revenue code 481? The CPT codes in question would be:
CPT codes 93451, 93452, 93453, 93456, 93457, 93458, 93530, 93531, 93532, 93533, 93650, 93653, 93654, 93655, 93656, 93657, 92973, 92974, 92975, 92977, 92978, 92979, 92992, 92993, 93451, 93452, 93453, 93454, 93455, 93456, 93457, 93458, 93459, 93460, 93461, 93462, 93463, 93464, 93503, 93561, 93562, 93563, 93564, 93565, and 93566.
We are just wondering if it’s acceptable in certain situations to bill Cardiac Catheterization Lab CPT Codes under revenue codes other than 481

0480 Cardiology general classification
0481 Cardiology cardiac cath lab


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Take a Look at Your Cardiac Cath Injection Coding Options In 2011

As you gear up to step into the New Year, you should start easing your practice into the CPT 2011 changes that’ll be in effect on the first day of the year. Begin your preparations with this preview of some of the new and revised descriptors that may have an impact on your cardiology coding.

Gear up for cardiac cath coding overhaul

CPT 2011 brings major code changes for cardiac catheterization codes. One aspect of that change is that many of the new injection codes appear to be add-on codes. It’ll be interesting to see what the fee schedule has allowed for these services to really get a hang of how it’ll affect the cardiology practices in the coming year.

We will go into more details on the correct use of the new codes once the AMA has released details; however you can get a hint of what’s to come by looking at the new injection procedure codes. Note that these codes include both (1) the injection procedure during cardiac cath and (2) imaging supervision, interpretation, and report:

93563 93564 93565 93566 93567 93568 Deletion alert: As a result of these additions, reports indicate that CPT 2011 will delete 2010 codes 93539-93545 and 93555-93556. Rely on more to come for coronary angiography options You may also think why the just-in injection procedure codes for coronary angiography (93563-93564) specify “congenital heart catheterization”. It appears you will have other options for non-congenital cases. This is because another one of the major changes you can expect is the addition of a new, eight-code family, 93454-93461. The codes in the family differ based on whether you are reporting additional imaging or heart catheterization services carried out at the same session. For other cardiac cath codes and the entire CPT code list, sign up for a medical coding guide like Supercoder!

We provide you simple, instant connection to official code descriptors & guidelines and other tools for 2010 CPT code, HCPCS lookup that help coders and billers to excel in the work they do every day.

ANESTHESIA coding for cardiac procedure when patient on ECMO

I have an 8 day old patient that had a DAMUS/KAYE/STANZEL procedure. The patient was on bypass and ECMO – I coded CPT code 33606 with the ASA code of 00561. I have coded for the A line 36620, the C line 36555 and the ultrasound 76937 (all are documented) but is there an additional code I should use for the ECMO?
(The patient is already on ECMO)
I would greatly appreciate any help.

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Biopsy of cardiac tumor

What is the correct code to use for taking biopsies of a cardiac tumor when the planned procedure was a repair of right ventricular outflow tract obstruction. Once the chest was opened, an external cardiac mass was discovered and biopsied. I can’t use 93505 because this was an open procedure and we didn’t biopsy the cardiac muscle. Is 33130 appropriate since portions of the tumor were removed or should I use unlisted code 39499?

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Cardiac Arrest vs Heart Attack vs Heart Failure

I just want to confirm that I’m understanding the difference.
Cardiac Arrest: Sudden cessation of the heart.
Heart Failure: Condition where the heart does not pump enough blood therefore the body/organs don’t receive blood and/or oxygen and/or nutrients.
Heart Attack: Sudden death of the heart due to lack of blood.
1) A Heart Attack is the result of Heart Failure?
2) Cardiac Arrest is another word for Heart Attack?
3) Heart Failure is the cause of Cardiac Arrest or Heart Attack?

Thank you!!

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93288-93289 Cardiac Device Interrogation Freqency??


Can anyone tell me if there is a frequency limit on billing for pacemaker (in person) interrogations 93288
and defibrillator interrogations 93289 (in person)??

I find info about remote check frequency one every 30 or 90 days depending on whether it’s a (Pacer, Defib or Loop)
and Programming frequency depends on medical necessity.

I’ve looked on CMS and various device manufacturers websites without finding this specific frequency criteria for 93288 & 93289.
Any info would be appreciated.

Thanks, Codiologist

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