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Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions and answers with full rationale

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2016 CPC Practice Exam Answer Key 150 Questions With Full Rationale (HCPCS, ICD-9-CM, ICD-10, CPT Codes) Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions with Full Rationale Answers

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Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions and answers with full rationale

Coding for Joint Aspiration and Injection

During either joint aspiration or injection, imaging guidance may be employed to ensure accurate needle placement. For CPT® 2015, the AMA revised previous joint (or bursa) aspiration/injection codes to specify “without ultrasonic guidance,” while adding codes to describe the same procedures with ultrasonic (US) guidance: 20600 Arthrocentesis, aspiration and/or injection, small joint or bursa (eg, […]
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Coding for Pacemaker Pocket Revision

My provider did a revision for a permanent pacemaker pocket. The patient’s pacemaker moved into an uncomfortable position, so they had to relocate it to a different site. Everything I am reading tells me that this is included in other codes, but I am not sure what to use since that is all that was performed.

Can anyone help me properly this?

Thank you

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Hand-Coding Vs Automated Coding for Pixel Perfect PSD to HTML Conversion

There is always being a confusion between hand-coding or automated coding in context of pixel perfect PSD to HTML conversion when it comes to select which one is better – human or technology. Which is better option for converting PSD to HTML – automated coding or human coding? In the niche market of web development and web programming, both – manual coding and automated coding are preferred for converting PSD based files into HTML.

One can find myriad statements regarding hand-coding and automated coding based on different perspectives of people. Some web developers say that man has created technology to streamline some process and machines worth nothing without man. On the other hand, some people say that advanced technology is the necessity of the hour and human requires it to do most of the things.

Let’s begin comparison between hand-coding vs automated coding with software generated codes first. There are many online softwares available for converting PSD into HTML proclaiming for high-quality PSD conversion into the desired format. On the other side of the coin, hand-coding or manual coding is the most meticulous work that requires experienced and skilled HTML developer backed by solid knowledge of (X)HTML codes and web programming.

Quick Glance at a Hand-coding vs automated coding for Pixel Perfect PSD to HTML conversion:

Lack of accuracy: In the automated software coding, lack of accuracy and aesthetical value has been outlined in converting PSD format based files into strong HTML mark-up language. On the other hand, human coders generally ensure SEO semantic and cross browser compatible manual coding.

Time-saving: It is belived that PSD conversion through automated software coding is quite time-saving whereas hand-coding takes comparatively more time.

Cost-effective: The automated software PSD conversion is very cost-effective in comparison to professional hand-coding from restricted budget point of perspective. People with huge budget prefer manual coding by hiring dedicated web developer for highest level of quality.

High Risks: The hand-coding of PSD conversion through dedicated XHTML developer ascertain forclean, easy-to-read, table-less and error-less codes whereas majority of automated softwares failed to provide it.

From the above hard-boiled comparison, an individual can conclude that the stiff competition between man and machine for ‘superiority’ will never end. In this context, people with minimal knowledge of HTML/XHTML/CSS mark-ups prefer automatic coding to convert PSD format based file into HTML/XHTML contrary to that people looking for high-quality codes hire virtual assistance of dedicated web developer for hand-coding. It mainly depends on the business requirement, budget and expected quality standards on individualistic needs.

For more information to PSD to HTML conversion and HTML developer please visit today.

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HELP with understanding levels and in/out pt. coding

Help I’m a new coder. My Boss hands me a chart to help me code in/out pt. according to the level(1,2,3,) and consults level and if the pt. is private pay or Medicare, and if the pt. is Medicare age code a Medicare code. The chart is confusing me. Does anyone have a chart I can look at, or can you explain. My Boss is training me but she Is so busy i’m learning in a round about way. Any suggestions or comments will help. Thank You Ollie

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Domino New-d + Series Laser Coding Systems – Domino, Laser Coding, Coding Machine – Food Industry

Leading global provider of product identification and trace back solutions provider, introduced a new generation of domino-style laser line program Coder D + series. Domino D + series laser coding systems will begin in October this year, with its unparalleled flexibility in manufacturing enterprises in China to provide high-quality fine laser marking solution.

D + series following the launch of DSL + series followed by a new generation of laser coding systems, can be paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and other materials to generate attractive logo, print unlimited number of rows and the direction, character height marking the flexibility to choose between 0.3mm to 180mm, the maximum speed of 400 m / min. Domino now offers 10 watts, 30 watts and 55 watts of laser energy in three different series of laser D + Coder To meet the production needs of different users.

Concerned about the overall equipment effectiveness
D + series inherits DSL + Series logo fine, stable performance, etc., while the other PLUS series with Domino as a high degree of concern about the overall effectiveness of equipment. D + series based on the browser and Ethernet communication control system, can be compatible with standard JAVA Web browser for remote control and LAN connectivity for easy, centralized management and control; D + series of intuitive and simple setup wizard, “the See the income “of the operating mode to install, operate more easily, minimize errors caused by manual operation. Domino Laser Business Unit Global Product Director ThorstenFoecking said: “D + series is designed to take full account of the beginning of the optimize design and minimize operator error, by maximizing equipment uptime to improve overall performance.”

Unparalleled flexibility New generation of laser coding system, Domino D + series embodies many years of professional experience and laser technology designed for the tens of thousands of business wisdom of laser coding machine, considering a variety of Production Line Characteristics and needs, innovative modular design more flexible to meet diverse end-user and the identity of wiring business needs. D + series independent of the controller system integrates the controller, and network servers, and industry a common 19-inch Packaging Machinery The control cabinet system is fully compatible, you can overlay placed or hidden, saving production line integration required installation space; new browser-based control software and Ethernet interface allows communication with the host standardization, simplified system integration; flexible The laser head can be adjusted in direction and facilitate the integration of various production environment to meet the requirements; innovative modular design to meet customer’s individual requirements, and facilitate the expansion and upgrade capabilities to meet the production needs of the dynamic adjustment or upgrading; Meanwhile, the flexibility of the design of D + series laser coding systems, and optional touch screen controller wiring business at the same time meet the needs of a variety of wiring. Domino China laser product manager Wang Jian explained: “D + series laser coder easy integration and installation, saving space and have the extension installed, its superior flexibility to better meet the diverse needs of domestic manufacturers, identification equipment domestic production is ideal for enterprises. “

Years, Domino has been truly concerned about the needs of users from the user point of view to develop a new logo design of equipment, technology and innovation for businesses and users to create safety, convenience and ease. Domino D + series laser marking system, marked the advent of concern identified user needs in another advance, Domino innovative ideas put forward the concept of modular and standardized design developed by D + series with unparalleled flexibility, not only to adapt to a variety of production and installation needs, and for the majority of manufacturing enterprises the flexibility to adjust according to market needs and to upgrade production lines at any time provided strong support.

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Help with Coding this

I would appreciate help with the cpt’s I should be using for this. I believe I should be using 93454 or 93455 and am thinking a 92928-53.

I would really love any feedback or breakdown anyone is willing to give as I am learning to code these notes.

Thank you!

Left heart catheterization, left ventricular angiography in biplane projections,
selective right and left coronary angiography, saphenous vein graft
angiography x2, left internal mammary angiography with attempted PCI
of an infarct-related totally occluded LAD through the internal mammary
graft and the procedure was unsuccessful as we were not able to establish
antegrade flow after dilating the entire mid and distal third of the

68-year-old male, presenting the emergency room with
chest pain, evidence of an anterior wall infarct, has a history of bypass
surgery. The diagnostic part of the procedure was performed with a
6-French multipurpose catheter.

Blood pressure 200/90. Mean of 130. LV pressure 200. LVEDP of 12 to 14.

Left ventricular angiography was performed at the end of the case. Left
ventricle is fairly well opacified with dye. Chamber size is moderately
enlarged. There is akinesis of the anterior and inferior apical segments.
No mitral regurgitation is noted. Septal wall motion was well preserved.
Posterior lateral wall motion was well preserved.

Coronary angiography is performed in multiple projections.
A. The right coronary artery appears to have been the dominant artery,
totally occluded right after an RV branch. The vessel is very small.
B. The left main coronary artery is a moderate size vessel arising from
the left cusp ending in a bifurcation. There is moderate nonobstructive
disease in the left main coronary artery. The vessel is heavily calcified.
C. The circumflex totally occluded arising from the left from the left main.
D. The LAD is totally occluded, right at the first septal perforator.

Saphenous vein graft angiography is performed in multiple projections.
A. The saphenous vein graft to the posterior marginal branch of the
circumflex. Selectively visualized. Graft body excellent. Distal
insertion site excellent. This fills retrograde and antegrade in the
posterior marginal branch.
B. The saphenous vein graft to the RCA. Selectively visualized. The
graft body excellent. Runoff good. Distal insertion site excellent.
Inserts into the crux of the PDA. The native vessels are extremely
C. saphenous vein graft to a ramus/diagonal branch. Selectively visualized.
Graft body excellent. Distal insertion site is widely patent. This
also fills briskly in anterograde and retrograde fashion.

Left internal mammary angiography was performed in multiple projections.
The graft is small, has been utilized as an LAD graft. It is totally
occluded at its insertion site into the left anterior descending artery.

Plans for ad hoc angioplasty had been made. The patient was given 10,000
heparin. He had been on Xarelto for chronic atrial fibrillation. We
selected a LIMA guiding catheter. We were unable to cross the lesion
with an extra-support wire. We put a 2 x 20 angioplasty balloon and
we were still unable to totally advance the wire. We exchanged the
extra-support wire for a pro via 12 weight wire, we were able to pass
the wire into the apical segment of the LAD. Multiple insufflations
of a 2 x 20 and a 2.5 x 30 balloon were performed. We were unable to
establish antegrade flow into the vessel. We gave multiple doses of
nitroglycerin to no avail. After approximately 1 hour of attempted
PCI, the procedure was terminated.

Unsuccessful infarct-related PCI of an LAD as we had no flow situation
and were unable to establish TIMI-3 flow into the LAD. The patient
will be treated as a completed acute myocardial infarction.

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Choosing the Right Bar Coding System for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Selecting the right Warehouse Management System (WMS) or Bar Coding system to extend a corporate ERP system is not straightforward or cheap, but the benefits to efficiency, customer service and purchasing from having real time distribution data in the ERP system are potentially very large.   Here are some considerations to bear in mind when deciding which of the wide variety of available Warehouse Management solutions is right for you.

Some systems specialize in manufacturing, assembly and finished goods tracking.  Others focus on warehouse management and other on the basic  functions  needed to track inventory and sales operations within the ERP system
Level of sophistication

There are several standalone WMS applications available in the market today that have rich functionality in relation to actively managing physical inventory operations.  However research has shown that only twenty percent of the features included in sophisticated warehouse management systems are actually used by smaller companies (i.e. $ 5-50 million revenue).

Everyone uses the same functions (Receiving, Put Away, Stock Counts, Transfers, Picking, Fulfillment and Shipping).  They may also use the same functionality but often need to adjust data capture workflow in order to optimize efficiency.  It should be possible to modify the system to handle this, if needed.
Additional data

Some industries need to use Lot Numbering or Serialization. Other considerations are Bin Allocation and License Plating (where inventory is tracked at the pallet level.)
Level of integration

Some systems are designed to operate directly within Dynamics GP, but the majority require an additional interface to transfer data to and from GP.  This adds a level of complexity and maintenance which is not ideal in smaller environments.
The relative importance of these considerations for you will depend on how your distribution operations work.  In our experience, many companies receive a higher rate of return from simpler WMS solutions which are directly integrated to the corporate ERP system.
The Alba360 WMS Warehouse Management system was developed to enable small to mid-sized businesses to track inventory operations without unnecessary complexity.  Functionality includes receiving, put-away, transfers, stock counting, picking and shipping operations.  Direct integration with Dynamics GP allows all activity to be captured and visible in real time within the Dynamics GP environment.
Next Steps:

If you would like to speak to a consultant to find out whether Alba360 WMS is the right system for your organization or for general advice on handling distribution operations within Dynamics GP, please give us a call at 1-866-528-0577 or email us at [email protected] You can also visit us on the web at and request more information through our website.

About Alba Spectrum: Alba Spectrum Corporation ( – 1-866-528-0577 – [email protected]) is a solution-oriented Gold-Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner. We specialize in developing solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains Dynamics) for System Integration, Financials, E-Commerce and Distribution. We also offer strategic advice to GP clients and Microsoft Partners on the use of Dynamics GP within a variety of industries.  We serve Microsoft Dynamics Clients and Partners worldwide including United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East & Australia.  Regional offices are located in Chicago IL, Irvine CA, and Houston TX.

About the Author: Rod Bergl is the CEO of Alba Spectrum Corporation ( |1-866-528-0577 | [email protected]).  Rod has been working with ERP and accounting systems since 1990 and is a cofounder of Alba Spectrum.   He can be reached at [email protected].

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PSD to WordPress ? What Is Theme Coding All About

If you have a little bit of knowledge about PSD to WordPress , then it may be tempting to think that transferring the designs is easy. But it is actually much more complicated due to heavy reliance on CSS and the need to create separate theme files for all the different theme components. The best way to get around this is to simply outsource the process. Design a theme in Photoshop and then hire the services of a company who does this on a regular basis. I do agree that WordPress is a great platform to work with and we all know that by now. But just because it is easier to use on a daily basis, especially for bloggers, does not mean it is easier to set up.

The theme coding while converting PSD to WordPress is not as easy as it may seem when we first start our work by our own. If you don’t know what you are doing it can be very difficult to create a theme that looks exactly how you want. Of course, you could always buy a pre-made theme, but getting one designed with your exact purposes in mind is a much better way to create a website with individual personality. A PSD to WordPress conversion company can ensure every part of your design makes it into the finished product. Can you guarantee something like that to yourself? Be honest.

It is just too easy to start working on a theme and find out you just cannot make certain elements work, and instead of putting in some extra hours or nights to figure it out most people will just cut corners and do something easier, telling themselves they have not sacrificed that much in quality. The truth is that cutting one or two corners can quickly add up to a lousy design. Most individuals who possess a basic knowledge of HTML and rudimentary skills in designing and coding web layouts believe a PSD to WordPress conversion is an easy task to do. This is not the case. Turning a design into a Word Press theme is not as easy as a conventional PSD to HTML conversion.

It is a little more involved due to the fact that the layout is handled mostly by CSS and not tables. Also the header, main content and footer areas are not all contained in one file. What does this mean to the individual with a unique design? It means your options are very limited. One is to learn how to code a Word Press theme yourself. Another option is to send your design to a friend or relative who has done conversions in the past. Last but certainly not least, is the hiring of a skilled coder or company that specializes in PSD to WordPress conversions.

Most individuals opt for the last choice as these entities are experts at taking designs created in Photoshop, Gimp or Adobe Illustrator and converting them into a functional WordPress theme. is perfect for new designers in the field of web development or web solutions. Their services are ideal for busy web designers. One can even outsource their work to them and get intelligent and work done at affordable costs. They have trained technical staff to suit all budgets and technical needs. To know more about their expertise and services log on to the website

Leena is author of this article. She has expertise in PSD to Joomla conversion services and owner of Also you can have a look at our lens on PSD to HTML

David Key Irvine – How to Make Bar Coding Work for Your Company

The bar coding technology has been in huge demand since last several years, though still many companies haven’t figured out the benefices and cost saving benefits of bar coding till now. Basically a bar code is an optical machine readable presentation of data, available usually in the form of specified spaced parallel lines. One of the most prevailing and rife bar code is the UPC, stands for Universal Product Code, available on almost each and every product traded in the retail sector. Moreover, a bar code technology can be symbolized in any form of text that in turn can be read or interpret by a computer by making use of reasonable pricing bar code scanners. In addition, the input can be employed via use of any software in place of a keyboard.

As per the recent issue of the journal of the gases and welding distributors association, also known widely as GAWDA, “Welding and Gases today”, the VP of Superior products of Cleveland, operations, Mr. Iain Hodgekins ascertained about the varied usages and his personal insights about the bar coding technology. He also stated, “Since the year 2003, the company, superior products has been using bar coding systems, integrated in several departments and modules. Due to this technology, the company has been enjoying bigger cost savings as well as lesser occurrence of errors. In fact, the accuracy rate has been raised from 90% to 99.9% by employing bar code systems in the company. Now, coming closer to become as an error free establishment, making switch to bar coding technology brought an immense amount of saving in time as well as money. The advantages to the level efficaciousness and the firm that come with executing a scanning bases business are merely too dandy to be avoid”.

For more detailed information, you can also read online “Scanning the ways to savings” at Welding and Gases today journal, conceived as one of the most prominent one for industrial gases, welding equipments, specialty gases industry, welding, medical gases etc. You can also leverage more about the bar coding system and how it can boost your business in the journal. Also, you can contact editor of Welding and gases today, Mr. Jeffrey Charboneau at [email protected]

David Key Irvine is that very definition of success and spirit. As David Key Irvine grew in stature as an entrepreneur because of his successful business track record.

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