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Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions and answers with full rationale

Top 3 Billing Errors for Hospitals

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) is recommending Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, Ill., refund $ 10.2 million in Medicare overpayments based on an audit sample of 120 inpatient and outpatient claims. Rush allegedly did not fully comply with Medicare billing requirements for 57 of the claims, resulting in overpayments of $ 814,150 for the audit period (2014-2015). The OIG […]
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Locum Jobs For Medical Professionals

If you are a doctor, nurse, or similar medical professional looking for a new job on a temporary or part time basis, then a locum agency that specialises in placing medical professionals can help you to find the perfect place to work. Using a locum agency is a great way to find out about all the latest job opportunities, and they will also be able to bring a great deal of knowledge and experience to the process. Whether you are looking for a job locally or outside of your surrounding area, using a nationwide locum agency is a good way to get a large range of positions to choose from. Bigger companies will be able to access jobs from a wider range of healthcare providers, both private and national. This is a good way to give yourself more choice and options when you are looking for your next job.

A locum agency may represent both medical professionals searching for jobs, and the providers who have vacancies to fill. This means that they will be able to match up their vacancies and registered clients easily and effectively, and choosing a large locum agency should give you more choice when it comes to finding a job. There are often lots of part time and temporary jobs available across all grades and specialities.

Many healthcare providers will require extra staff at one time or another, to cover absences such as maternity leave, or perhaps simply to supplement a staff shortage in one area of the facility. Locum doctors and nurses and invaluable to provide expertise and patient care during these times, and enable healthcare providers to continue to run smoothly and efficiently. Finding locum contracts can often be tricky, so using a locum agency which specialises in placing healthcare professionals can be a great way to take some of the stress out of job hunting. Finding jobs can also be particularly difficult if you are looking outside of your locality, or plan to combine your new job with relocation at the same time. Medical agencies can be a very effective way to delegate some responsibility and reduce the amount of research that you will need to do.

Finding a medical locum agency should be relatively simple, and it may be a good idea to ask friends and peers within the medical profession for recommendations. Alternatively, you could try a search engine and browse through the top entries that are listed. You should generally look for a large locum agency which has good connections to lots of healthcare providers and practices nationwide. Agency websites can be a good indicator of size, professionalism and efficiency. A well designed website should have lots of information about the types of jobs that can be offered, and you will be able to register your details with the agency to begin your search. If you have any uncertainties or are perhaps entering the jobs market for the first time since gaining qualified status, then a good locum agency will be able to offer support and advice to help you find the most suitable position.

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Billing S codes to the VA?

I do billing for a home health agency and I am rebilling some old claims to the VA. I found some claims that are for home health aide services. Some of the claims are being billed as S9125, respite care in the home, per diem, and some are G0156, services of home health / health aide in the home, 15 minutes. I was under the impression that S codes are for commercial payers only. So should I change all the codes to G0156 and rebill, or leave them alone? The VA is paying for some of the S codes and denying others, I am assuming due to the code being invalid, but inconsistency is what the VA does best, so I’m guessing they paid in error.

Any feedback?

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A Surefire Way to Increase Revenue in 2019

CMS resources can help eligible clinicians earn a positive payment adjustment in 2019. The initial performance year of the Quality Payment Program (QPP), and its two tracks – the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and Advanced Alternate Payment Models (APMs), is quickly coming to an end, Dec. 31. Eligible clinicians who report a full year of 2017 […]
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Thai Medical Tourism and Arab States

Medical tourism within Thailand has increased dramatically over recent years. If we look back over the previous five years alone we can see an almost four fold increase in medical tourists arriving in Thailand. In 2005 there were around 500,000 medical visitors seeking treatment in Thailand, by 2009, this number had increased to approximately 1,400,000. This is a large increase by any standard and there are good reasons for it. Firstly, Thailand is able to offer highly competitive prices for treatment in comparison to most developed nations. Secondly, the quality of hospitals and trained personnel is of a standard similar to those seen throughout the very best hospitals worldwide. Thirdly, and possibly most importantly, Thailand is well placed in being able to offer a wide range of tourist attractions and resort choices. It is possibly this last factor that has helped to drive the industry forward as potential medical tourists seek to combine their scheduled treatments with an exotic holiday.

Helping to further develop the medical tourist industry within Thailand have been the incredible investments and developments made by the private hospital sector. Looking to benefit from the growing trend of visitors, private hospitals have invested heavily in buildings, state of the art equipment and staff. Leading the way in attracting visiting patients have been hospitals like Bumrungrad International Hospital and the Bangkok Hospital Group. These hospitals attract as many as half of their patients from outside of Thailand. If we look at the country distribution of medical visitors, important markets include; Europe, Japan, America, Bangladesh and Myanmar. This combined market accounts for approximately 25% of the total. Arab states, incredibly total almost 60% of the total market. So why are Arabs, in ever increasing numbers seeking medical treatment from outside of their home country?

Unlike many other countries, surprisingly cost is not necessarily one of the primary reasons. If we take the example of the U.A.E., who staggeringly account for over 40% of Thailand’s medical tourism industry, many of the country’s inhabitants can be considered as wealthy by any measure. Clearly, this group of people is unlikely to visit Thailand, for medical treatments, on cost considerations alone. Reasons cited for seeking treatment outside of the UAE include a loss of faith in local services, with many complaining that the overall quality of local service is not up to standard. Also, visitors see a visit to Thailand, for medical treatment, as an ideal opportunity for a vacation in a liberal environment with extensive leisure options available. 

Arabs have a history of seeking medical treatment from outside of their own country, but what has changed is that since the mainland terrorist attacks on the USA in 2001, they are now more reluctant to seek medical treatment from western countries. This is principally since they sadly and all too frequently feel, particularly in America, a sense of hostility towards them. When arranging, in some cases life saving surgery, it is obvious that a more relaxed and welcoming environment is far more likely to induce both a quicker recovery and a more positive experience. In this regard Thailand has very much been the one to gain.

In response to this influx of Arabs patients, hospitals in Thailand have been quick to respond and have made extensive efforts to further grow this lucrative market sector. Hospitals like The Bumrungrad International Hospital have already furnished their facilities to the very highest of standards. Additionally, with Arab speaking staff, a choice of Halal food, numerous prayer rooms and even strategically placed compasses pointing to MECCA, everything has been done, and continues to be done, to ensure a very comfortable stay for the Arab visitor.

With the huge revenues involved from medical visitors to Thailand from Arab countries, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) have targeted this specific group, and are currently engaged in a wide range of promotional activities, in an attempt to further expand the market. The TAT has very ambitious plans to grow this sector, but the U.A.E. is not going to give up without a fight. Currently under construction, and due to be completed this year, is the huge and costly development of Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC). If this new initiative is enough to slow down and ultimately reverse the flow of patients from the U.A.E. remains to be seen.

This article was written and submitted by Mark Alexander, CEO and chief SEO consultant for and Search engine optimization services Bangkok and Leeds in the UK.