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Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions and answers with full rationale

Billing Type II diabetic eye exams

I recently received a denial from an insurance company for "invalid second diagnosis code". The patient has Type II diabetes and code E11.9 was used.
The 2017 ICD-10 book shows that you need to use an additional code to identify "control using" …either insulin or an oral drug. I have corrected this code but the question that came up is – what do you use if the patient is diet controlled? I believe it will be denied if I don’t have a second code now and I have been unable to come up with an answer. Thank in advance for any advice.

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How to Become a Medical Billing Specialist – A Comprehensive Guide to Start the Career of Your Dream

Are you interested in the field of Medicine and have an excellent knowledge of accounts? If yes, then becoming a Billing Specialist is just the right job for you. A Medical Billing Specialist is an individual responsible for maintaining the health and medical records of patients at the medical facility they work at. Since these professionals will always be needed to ensure patients’ medical care, this is one career that’s on the rise and will continue to be stable for a long time. Here’s a comprehensive guide which will tell you all that you need to know about this job. I’m sure that by the time you finish reading it, you’ll be convinced that this really is the right career for you. Duties and Responsibilities If you choose to pursue this career, some of main responsibilities which you will be asked to handle are:

* Maintaining patients’ medical records
* Carrying out a vast array of administrative work/ supervision
* Scheduling and confirming appointments
* Handling medical billing procedures
* Completing claim forms
* Verifying patients’ signatures
* Presenting Insurance benefits to the patients
* Adhering to each insurance carrier’s policies and procedures
* Entering data and bookkeeping
* Billing insurance companies
* Interacting with all healthcare providers (internal and external)
* Documenting the daily activities in proper medical terms

Skills Required Before we discuss the actual educational requirements of a Medical Billing Specialist, here are some primary skills and qualities that you must have in order to excel in this career. Some of these Include:

* Intelligence
* A passion for the medical field
* The ability to multitask and work in a fast paced environment
* The ability to catch the slightest details
* Responsibility
* Good Communication and interpersonal skills
* Knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting
* Knowledge of working with computers
* Patience

Training After attaining your high school degree, you must pursue an associate or bachelor’s degree in business administration or accounting. Many Medical Billing Specialists receive paid training on the job to learn about the different aspects of their careers. Another option is for you to obtain certification from a nationally recognized organization, such as the American Medical Billing Association in the United States, in order to improve their credentials and understand this job more. One of the most interesting aspects of working as a Medical Billing Specialist is that the requirements for the job are never limited or biased by location, gender, race, religion, or physical disabilities.

Lisa Thomas is your guide to medical careers.

Learn about Medical Billing Specialists education, job and salary. Search for health care schools near you and receive free information from Medical Billing Specialists schools at

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Let Doctors Be Doctors – While A India Medical Billing Company Like Gebbs Healthcare Solutions Tak

Thinking about integrating a India Medical Billing Services into your physician practices structure is not a small thing to do. It is an important matter, covering an extensive number of beneficial points, many of which can facilitate the effective management of your business whilst maximizing your profit margin. Reduce all your pressures and worries and make sure that you fall in line with all the governments regulations. If youre still not persuaded, let us explain why you should trust in one of these finance management services.
A key advantage of hiring such a business is the large amount of time you will recover. Just think of all the minutes spent, every single month imagine the tracking, invoicing and handling and all those related tasks which feature in a health clinics administration. Sometimes it even diverts attention away from the care of sick people.
Hiring an experienced finance management company allows them to deal with all of this, as well as various other things. Examples could include collection and delivery services, copying and credit checking. Their duties could also cover organizing payment plans, or possibly processing workers compensation.
Handing off these responsibilities will give your professional employees the time to focus on their main objective treating patients in the most effective and efficient way. This will save you a large amount of cash and take all that panic about that paperwork off your back.
Medical professionals have other things to worry about and they should not be expected to remain up-to-date with changes within billing industry methods. A physician India Medical Billing company like GeBBS Healthcare Solutions will focus exclusively on this area. They are the best people with whom to discuss matters, like all associated codes, procedures and technologies governing medical financial matters. As well as saving time, effort and money, it will reduce any risk of your practice facing judicial issues. It is extremely important to be accurate in finance management industries. When you hire a professional company, you will benefit from peace of mind, knowing for certain that measures are established to identify and resolve the infrequent unlucky mistakes directly.
Hiring specialized this type of service is a sensible move for doctors, physiotherapists and dentists, and businesses like infirmaries and health centers. However, factors like costing and size should not solely govern your choice from the available options ensure you locate the best company for your physician practice. title= Medical Billing Coding>Medical Billing and Coding Services is providing efficient medical billing services to Physician Practices, Hospitals, and Medical Billing companies. title= Medical Billing Coding>Outsource medical billing coding , billing & coding services to GeBBS Healthcare Solutions and get access to fast, efficient cost-effective medical bi

Medical Billing Software – How to Be Sure You Are Getting the Right Option For Your Business

When you are looking for the right medical billing insurance software package that will be perfect for you, you have a relatively daunting task ahead. There are many things to take into consideration when contemplating a purchase of this type of software. There are hundreds of different packages available with many features that can make your purchase confusing.

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) guidelines ensure that patients rights must be protected. You must find software that will allow that to happen. Making the right choice can be a huge factor in the success of your business and how efficient your business is.

Many times, there are significant hidden costs to consider when looking at medical billing software. Some of these hidden costs can be:

Managing Databases
Frequent Software Crashes
Software Backups

You must keep these costs in mind when you are looking for the right software.

Price, ease of use and dependability of the software are a few other things you should consider when looking to make this purchase. Do some research and make sure the software is up to date. Make sure it is going to fit the needs of your particular situation.

In the past, many medical billing software programs ran on a client/server based system. What this means is the system was “in house” on the client’s server. Now, many of the options available are internet based applications.

Client / Server based applications appear to be more secure, thus insure privacy and security, however, this can be costly when you add in the fact that anyone working on the software must be present where the server is. The internet based systems are more portable, thus allowing your work force to basically work anywhere outside the confines of a physical location. When considering an internet based solution, you must be sure that the security is present in that type of software. Otherwise, you could be in violation of the HIPPA laws. These laws were enacted for a reason and are taken very seriously.

Bottom line, finding the right medical billing software program is a key aspect to having a successful business in this field. This is not a decision to be made lightly. Weigh the cost of the software program against the revenue that you will make by using it over time. Be sure to deduct any upkeep, upgrade and repair costs. You will need to do your research and find the best fit for you.

George Edmondson is an accomplished writer on Medical Billing Software. For more information on Medical Billing Software please visit

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Inpatient and Outpatient Facility Billing Information

What are the best resources, websites, sources, classes and certifications needed to become a both inpatient and outpatient facility biller? Learn in detail, calculating DRG, revenue codes, rate codes, value codes, occurrence codes, APG payment system, OPPS and which CPT codes must certain facilities use? Does the AAPC coder include facility billing? I am coming from the payor said so any information regarding common such as miscalculating DRGs upcoding or bundling issues would be especially helpful.

I have a CPC and a COC and I feel like I need more targeted education and resources not found in the certification courses.

Lastly, do you have information regarding New York State Medicaid coding and guidelines? Thank you.

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Billing 75246 with endovascular revascularization 37225 and 37228

It’s my first time working with Vascular procedures and our Provider coded the fem/pop revascularization along with tib/per and also coded the aortic angiography. His report does indicate that he passed through the aortic bifurcation so I’m not sure if that is something that would apply to this? Any advice would help.

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Medical billing a/r percentages

I’m curious to see what other family practice office’s 90 days or greater a/r percentage is for insurance balances. I would love a 0% myself for my office but realistically we all know that will never happen. I don’t know if ours of 11-12% is way too high or about average with other offices. Can anyone out there help me out please. Thanks.

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